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Super Maids or Superheros?

Big messes and clutter give me anxiety. I used to be super clean and organized, but then I had kids. Three wild and crazy kids who can destroy a room in less than 30 seconds. As a busy working mom I don’t have the time it takes to keep up with the messes.

Yeah I can do a quick sweep before I go to bed, picking up random toys, straightening the massive piles of papers, and wiping down the counters, but it’s not enough. Sadly most of my Saturday mornings are spent catching up on cleaning. I mean, the dog can only lick up so many crumbs.

That’s why I was super excited when I got the opportunity to work with Fairfield County Moms Blog sponsor, Super Maids. They are the solution I’ve been looking for. A fantastic house cleaning service that claims that they can make your life better and your home cleaner. Like most busy mamas I’ll take all the help I can get. Especially since Super Maids are real life superheros.

super maidsSuper Maids can give back time. After one full 2 ½ hour cleaning service I was given back a full weekend to actually enjoy with my family. I didn’t have to waste my time vacuuming, dusting, and organizing. Instead we cuddled on the couch and watched a movie.

Super Maids come prepared to do the dirty work. I mean my house isn’t that dirty, but I do have three boys using the bathroom daily…enough said. Scrubbing toilets and the shower might be one of my least favorite chores. Knowing that someone else can do it is a huge relief. Super Maids even bring their own cleaning products and supplies. They use Better Life’s brand of plant-derived, non-toxic products. There’s no need to leave anything out for them.

Super Maids have super vision. They see things that we busy moms would fail to notice (or ignore). I came home to a clean toaster oven, microwave, and Keurig. All things that need a deep cleaning but get overlooked. They even cleaned the baseboards and dusted all the shelves – even the high up ones that I can’t reach.

Super Maids are reliable. When you are in a jam it’s reassuring to know that they will be there. The two women who came to my house were very punctual and worked efficiently the entire time. Super Maids also has excellent customer service along with easy booking and text message and email reminders.

Super Maids are flexible. They offer a flat-rate service which means that their maids take their time to thoroughly clean your home. Whether it takes two hours or five, they get the job done. They offer options for families who need the occasional tidying up or for those who need weekly visits. Services are provided in Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Stamford, Westport and Norwalk.

super maidsSuper Maids was founded by Myco Momplaisir, a proud father of two wonderful kids.  He realized that many dual income families have work-weeks that go well beyond 40 hours and they don’t have time to worry about the upkeep of their homes. He wanted to give families a peace of mind with hiring trusted professionals.

Myco and his team are dedicated to caring for your home by providing a thorough service from your first call to the moment when you enter your clean home. Your experience truly matters to them, and the results are naturally, beautifully, and exponentially better.

Super Maids are definitely my superheros! Call them today and use the promo code family2018 to get $25 off a one-time cleaning.

To learn more about Super Maids check out their website and visit them on Facebook.

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