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Strength in Style: Greenwich CrossFit

My relationship with exercise when I was younger is far different from my relationship with exercise today. Before I had children, I exercised (for the most part, if I am being perfectly honest) to be skinny and look good. Now, after kids, I’ve shed (for the most part, if I’m being perfectly honest) my vanity and exercise to feel good and stay healthy for myself and for my family.

And that’s just what you’ll find at FC Moms Blog sponsor, Greenwich CrossFit. This month, I had the awesome opportunity to attend my very first class at GCF. Let me tell you… I LOVED it!

Their philosophy is: 

We’re more than just a gym. At GCF, we kick fitness trends to the curb because like you, we’re in it for the long haul. We believe that cheers deliver PRs, smiles empower all levels and inclusion takes a strong community to new heights. We are a family beyond our walls, led by a team of dedicated coaches and staff. Strengthen with us…in style.

Full disclosure: My knowledge about CrossFit prior to now was somewhere along the lines of, “Don’t they do insane things with heavy weights?” Color me surprised when I found out that GCF has an array of different types of classes! And no, it’s not just insane things with heavy weights.

I was upfront with the gals at GCF before I came in for my free class. Despite my best efforts, I’m hilariously out-of-shape after having my kids. They suggested that I try out their FormFHITT class.

FormFHITT, a combination of CrossFit, Pilates and Yoga, kicked my mommy butt, but in the best way possible! In a nutshell, FormFHITT combines AMRAPS (lots of repetitions in a given amount of time), sculpting, flexibility, yoga flow, core work, and stretching. Essentially, it’s one-stop-shopping for your perfect workout. 

FormFHITT is taught by Colleen Delaney and Lauren Cardarelli, who are, in addition to being very fit (goals!), Lululemon ambassadors (I have serious legging envy…). They are also super friendly, accommodating, and motivating! They keep the music up loud, encourage you through the entire workout. They know everyone by name, and come over to give you help if your form needs a little tweaking (I learned that I don’t squat correctly…thanks Lauren and Colleen for helping me out!). 

The best part about FormFHIIT is that I was challenged to the max every minute of the hour-long workout, but finishing was actually an attainable goal – something we out-of-shape mamas need. Many of the exercises can be modified too. Even in my most fit days, I had trouble with Burpees. Lauren and Colleen showed me how to modify a Burpee, and I’ve been practicing at home to get stronger.

And after the workout was done, they placed a cool eucalyptus towel on my head. Ahhhh.

GCF of course offers the “traditional” CrossFit classes. But they also offer a Fundamentals Program, FormFHITT, Barbell Club, and Personal Training. GCF offers something for everyone!

And for those of you with older kids, GCF offers KidFit, for kids ages 9 to 12, where kids learn about safe fitness and good sportsmanship. Amazing! And if your kids are in college and between the ages of 18 and 24? Check out their Summer 2017 membership!

I will definitely be heading back to GCF! Memberships of all types are available, so find a class that works for you. I sure did!

Greenwich CrossFit is offering all Fairfield County Moms Blog readers a full free week of classes. Just be sure to mention FCMB!

To learn more about Greenwich CrossFit be sure to check out their website and visit them on Facebook

This post was sponsored by Greenwich CrossFit, but the opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

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