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Pinterest to the Rescue :: St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Tomorrow we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! The day of rainbows, leprechauns, corned beef and cabbage and lots of beer…well at least for the grownups! If you are anything like me you are completely unprepared! It seems like every single holiday, no matter how big or small, creeps up on me. I love to celebrate and I am always looking for great simple activities to do with my three kiddos. That’s part of the reason why I LOVE Pinterest. By no means do I consider myself to be a “crafty” mom, but Pinterest has saved me on several occasions, especially when I am left unprepared for that school party or in need of a fun craft to keep everyone busy. So here are a bunch of great St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest ideas to help save the day!Pinterest to the Rescue

Hands-on Fun

What kid doesn’t love squishing their little fingers in playdough or gooey slime. Try following FCMB contributor Stacey’s super easy DIY playdough recipe, and to make it special for tomorrow make it green and add some sparkly glitter. Want to mix it up a little bit? Why not try making some St. Paddy’s Day slime! This fun sensory play can be even more fun for the kiddos if you give them gold coins, cookie cutters, or even green sequins and beads.


To be completely honest painting with my little ones (especially my 2 ½ year old twins) gives me a little bit of anxiety. I can’t handle the mess! But of course I will bust it all out on a special occasion, and in order to really celebrate I might push myself over the edge and do some finger painting! Little fingerprints or big handprints can make for the cutest crafts! Whether or not you neatly finger paint a rainbow or use your whole hand the outcome will be refrigerator-worthy none the less. Just make sure to keep lots of baby wipes nearby!

Science Experiments

Are your kiddos super curious about everything? “Why,” is the most commonly used word in my house. So WHY not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a few science experiments? Try making this cool Rainbow Jar using a few common household products to explore the concept of density. Or create this Irish surprise to show how heat can change the state of matter. Your kids will also love watching Leprechaun baking soda science to explore a chemical change.


My favorite games to play are the ones where my kids don’t even realize that they are learning! Try playing this fun math game with fruit loops to help practice counting and/or addition. Or this ABC scavenger hunt that is perfect for teaching your preschooler the alphabet and letter sounds. You can also keep their bodies moving with a fun relay race. And who doesn’t love a simple matching game? You can do this by matching colors or shapes. It’s even better when Hershey kisses are involved.

Special Treats

The food is always the best part of any celebration! Gather your little chefs into the kitchen and make some green chocolate covered popcorn,  fruit salad, pudding, or even green mac-n-cheese! If you want you can keep it super simple and serve up some green veggies, fruits and dips or go ahead and follow a rainbow theme.

Good luck! No matter how you choose to celebrate make sure you have fun!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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