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Springing into Spring….FINALLY



Opening Day of baseball, barbecuing, pedicures, flip flops, freshly mowed grass, flowers blooming and allergy attacks! After a long and brutal winter, these are just some of the signs for me that Spring is finally here. It’s amazing how much a little more sunlight, Vitamin D, and warmth can change one’s outlook. I know I feel like a perennial, blooming yet again. The simple act of changing my wardrobe can be compared to new petals opening.

Similar to January resolutions, I am working on some spring resolutions:

1) Spend as much time outside, unplugged.  This is important to me to set the model for my preschooler, who all winter long has been patient and resilient with the cold and ridiculous amounts of snow!

I plan on printing this out and actually USING it!

I plan on printing this out and actually USING it!  From

2) Walk/exercise more.  I try my best to hit the gym 3 times a week or at least hit my goal of 12,000 steps more days than not. I feel so good when I reach my goal. I have been known to walk around my house at night just to feel my wrist vibrate!

3) Stay ahead of my clutter. This is by far the toughest thing for me. Those of you who have read some of my previous posts know I have attempted to attack this character flaw before and sadly failed. After MONTHS of visits to Home Depot and hours spent on Pinterest, finally my family is preparing for a little house renovation, and I have promised myself that this is the kick in the pants I need to become organized. (Of course I found a cute checklist on Pinterest!)

spring 24) To stop while I’m ahead. Realistically I will probably only complete these three goals/resolutions. I’m an overachiever and can run away with ‘great ideas’ and make everything bigger and better. This spring I’m going to downsize my expectations; after all, less is more, right?

This idea of rebirth and starting fresh gives me hope to make big changes in my life. What changes are you hoping to make this spring?

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