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Springing into Organization



Spring weather always makes me want to organize and clean! With the 60+ degree weather of this past weekend, I got an organization bug. I had my eye on our sippy cup and toddler dishes cabinet in our kitchen. Every time the dishwasher is done, we shove all of my daughter’s colorful tableware into this cabinet with no order whatsoever. I decided that it was finally time to stop having to pray that something isn’t going to shoot out at me everytime I open the door! This was actually on one of its better days…yikes:


First, I measured the cabinet’s depth and width and then took a trip to Target to see what treasures I could find to bring some order to the mayhem. I decided to purchase a few different options to see what worked the best for our cabinets. I was super excited for the lid rack, which I was hoping to use for all of the plates. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for the size of my cabinets – but it was a great idea so I wanted to share in case it would work for someone else.


Next, I emptied everything off of the shelves and got ready to dive in. I took this as an opportunity to do some spring cleaning and to get rid of any skepitcal looking items, as well as those cups that aren’t my daughter’s favorites {no reason to keep them if they aren’t being used}.

I decided to go with 2 of the larger white containers {their depth and width fit perfectly} and a clear bin since the top shelf was a little shorter than the others. Overall, it cost me $10.92 {plus tax} and about 30 minutes of my Sunday morning quiet time to go from chaos to organization. Here is what all of the containers looked like:


And since I love before and after pictures…


Over the next few weeks, I am hoping to keep springing into organization throughout the rest of my house!

Does Spring weather give you an organization and cleaning bug? What are your favorite ways to organize your house?

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