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Spring-ify Your Skincare

Is it possible that Spring may finally be around the corner?  After experiencing two days in the past week of weather that’s been warm enough to actually allow me and my toddler to be outside for more than 20 minutes, I’d like to think it is.  As much as we are all looking forward to the warm days ahead, if you’re anything like me, you’ve spent so long bundled up you have no idea what you look like under the layers!  Showing some skin may seem a little daunting right now, but luckily there are some great new ways to get your skin prepped for the warmer days ahead.

CT Dermatology Group just introduced their own specially-formulated collection of products for spring and summer.  The products are reasonably priced and made to work together.  The line features an exfoliating glycolic wash to help slough away dead skin cells and unearth a clearer complexion– perfect for getting rid of dull winter skin.  Other products in the line moisturize, rejuvenate and protect.  I’m looking forward to trying the tinted moisturizer with SPF as I spend more time outside, since it moisturizes, protects and perfects skin in one shot- perfect for busy moms.  Visit their website to learn more about this local product line.

ct skincare

All the dry, cold weather may have caused your little one’s skin to be especially reactive this season.  The change in temperatures can cause chapped, itchy skin for moms and babies alike.  BabyGanics Bye Bye Dry Moisturizing Eczema Lotion is the perfect non-toxic and non-irritating solution to soothe irritated skin (and it’s powerful enough for yours, too!).  It’s formulated with colloidal oatmeal plus a soothing blend of antioxidant seed oils, and contains no cortisone or steroids.  Apply the cream after a bath or sower when skin is warm and can aborb the most moisture.  

babyganics cream

If you love natural ways to get your skin in tip-top shape, try these fabulous ideas that I learned from a Manhattan facialist years ago and have been implementing into my skincare routine ever since.  Exfoliate skin head to toe with a handful of sugar in the shower- simple, cheap, and effective.  Make a face mask out of room temperature plain Greek yogurt (the thickness of the Greek varieties are more soothing to the skin).  Lie down and leave on face for 10-2o minutes.

ct dermatology

Finally, if you have months’ worth of body hair growth to take care of, check out body sugaring hair removal at A Nu You {(203) 761-1309} spa in Wilton, it’s less painful than sticky wax or the nicks you get from razors.

Spring is just around the corner; you may be ready emotionally, but make sure you get physically ready for it too!

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