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Someday It Will Be Too Quiet


Someday it will be too quiet.

Someday I will miss the noise. The constant clamoring for “mom!” The stories that go on and on and don’t really have a point. The giggles that turn into tears and back into giggles again. The enthusiastic babbling from the backseat of the car and sing-alongs to “Wheels on the Bus.” Even the tattling and the whining and the tears. Someday it will feel too quiet.

Someday I will miss the mess. The piles of shoes by the door. The abandoned Lego projects. The doodles on my important papers. The piles of pillows thrown off the couch. The toys and books that live in the corners of every room. Even the spilled cups of juice and the crumbs scattered under the kitchen table. Someday it will feel too clean.

Someday I will miss the chaos. The schedules that change every day. The personalities of four growing people, each trying new things, and making mistakes, and needing support, and wanting space. Even the missed appointments, the endless decisions, the management of a never-ending to-do list. Someday it might feel too predictable.

But today? Today is not that day. Today I wanted quiet. Today I wanted to shower by myself. I wanted to sit down and finish a project without a million interruptions. I wanted to read my book. I wanted to make one quick meal with one plate to clean. I wanted to organize the rooms and have things stay where I put them. I wanted to not make any decisions for other people. I wanted to have some space until I actually missed the noise, the mess, and the chaos again.

Maybe these days I can’t take as long a break as I’d like. But I can take a mental break and put things in perspective. I can remember that this time with young kids is brief. While being a parent is at times physically and mentally exhausting, it is also beautiful in all its loud, busy, messy glory. So instead of wishing away the busy messiness, I can choose to ride it through, to keep a sense of humor, and to not let little annoyances feel too big.

Today it was not too quiet. It also wasn’t clean or even the least bit predictable. But today, I feel thankful for that.

What things are you thankful for? What “annoyances” might you miss someday?

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