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Snow Day Fun

Let’s face it, we have to endure the cold weather now, and further cold weather is anticipated as we approach the coldest periods of the year. As we dig out our winter coats, hats, scarfs, and gloves, it is inevitable to prepare for snow and ice.

As we think ahead to the snowy and icy weather, we also know this will likely lead to some school delays and closings. While this may be great news for the kids (and maybe some parents too), it also usually leads to an unexpected day stuck indoors. We need to be spontaneous, resourceful, and brainstorm new ideas to make the day tolerable, and somewhat exciting to our kids so they are not too bored.

But, remember, you are not confined to just indoor routines. Getting outside to play in the snow is what most kids are prepared to do once they know there is no school. So bundle up and venture out to start playing in the beautiful snow that has blanketed your yard. Some fun ideas include; laying in the snow to make a snow angel, build a snowman (don’t forget to bring out a carrot), or even have a fun snowball fight. Other fun ideas could be attempting sled-riding and playing with a neighbor friend.

After some time outside playing, your kids will want to come inside to warm up and defrost. I suggest having some hot cocoa and cookies, or better yet, teach your kids a new recipe and have them help bake cookies with you.

Next, it may be an excellent time to have your child catch up on any school projects that have been put off and to take time to clean out their books/backpack. Though my next idea may not constitute “fun” but would certainly help pass the time on a snow day, is to have them clean their room, organize their toys and tidy up. This may be asking too much, but it may work with a bribe of more time outside in the snow if this gets accomplished! 

Some other fun indoor ideas are painting on a canvas (think of anyone’s birthday that you may have approaching), or making a craft such as a necklace with beads and string. My kids love building forts/houses out of cardboard boxes. This is an easy and fun activity – so save some boxes the next time you get a delivery. The kids can color the “box fort” or even paint it. But this is definitely a fun snowy day activity. Depends on the ages of your kids, playing hide and seek is another fun thing to do. 

Playing board games is another favorite in our home. We have tons of games for many different ages. This activity can take up lots of time and is definitely a winner in our house. If you don’t own many board games, even a deck of playing cards can be fun.

Lastly, there are always video games and a movie. Any electronic device is typically a guarantee for entertainment for any kids. Obviously, we first try to exhaust a more creative activity, but as moms, dads, relatives or a babysitter, we are tired by the end of the day and may need a little quiet time after a long snow day at home with our children.  

The list of things to do is endless. There are so many options for ways to create fun and joy that make it unique to your family. The most important thing to remember is it doesn’t have to be a day of boredom, but instead a day of unexpected fun. Happy Snow Day!

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