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Happy Smiles for Everyone {Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics}

Getting our kids to brush their teeth is just one of the many struggles we face as moms. But we also know how important dental health is. I mean our childrens’ smiles are what make us melt, right? That’s why I was so excited to get the opportunity to take my 16 month old daughter to her first dental visit with Fairfield County Moms Blog sponsor, Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics. Their mission is “To provide exceptional dental care for our pediatric and orthodontic patients. Our patients’ emotional and physical well being is our number one priority and we strive every day to make each visit enjoyable, safe and rewarding for our patients.” This could have been more true after our amazing experience. dentistry

The first step was to speak with the wonderful ladies in the administration office. They explained all the ways Commerce Park strives to stand out from other pediatric dentists. We started with making the appointment and of course at the time our schedule was already packed. The schedulers in the Shelton (Huntington) office were wonderful! We went back and forth with a couple dates and times until I was able to find one that fit our schedule. They were so patient with me and my schedule – even when I had to reschedule!

A few day’s before my daughter’s appointment one of the hygienists called to check in with me. She asked if I had any questions about the visit and if I had any concerns about my daughter during the visit. My daughter is a spunky (to put it nicely) 16 month old who doesn’t walk, she runs, and is constantly on the move. She also doesn’t typically appreciate people putting their fingers in her mouth; she’s partial to her own. I expressed these concerns with the hygienists and they made a note in her chart for her upcoming visit.

In addition to the pre-visit phone call, Commerce Park also offers a comfort or sensory tool kit available to parents prior to their visit. This enables children to see the tools that will be used and allows the parent to have a conversation about what to expect in the visit. I thought this was a fabulous idea for younger children and also children with special needs! It helps prepare the child and the parent!

One other special part of Commerce Park is they are the first office in the area to offer a Therapy Dog to both their pediatric and orthodontic patients. The Therapy Dogs are specially trained and certified to seek out those who are anxious or nervous and offer affection and comfort. After hearing all these great, unique services that Commerce Park offered I felt confident and at ease with my daughter’s appointment. I dread the dentist myself and always have. I wish these services were available when I was younger to make the experience more comforting and dare I say enjoyable!

We went for our under two visit, which Commerce Park offers free of charge (AMAZING I know)! The waiting room in both the Huntington and Bridgeport offices have a log cabin theme complete with wooden bears to greet you at the door! dentistry

There was a TV with Disney Junior on for my kids to watch while we waited briefly and also a video game for my older son. Both kids loved looking around at the bright colors and checking out the prizes for after the visit. The hygienist came out to the waiting room and greeted my daughter by name and introduced herself to my son as well, making them feel welcome!

The first thing they do is take a picture of your child for their report which you receive at the end of your visit. We were then led to the exam room where again there was a TV and activities for the kids to do. My son decorated a tie for Father’s Day while waiting for the visit to be over! My daughter quickly climbed into the exam chair, made sure to tell me no thanks Mom I don’t need your help and sat grinning from ear to ear!

Dr. Cerqueira came in for the exam and explained each part to me. She counted my daughter’s teeth and also took a bite imprint! The bite imprint is something new that Commerce Park is doing. It is a soft piece of plastic that the child simply bites down on and it leaves an imprint for you to take home as a memento and part of your child’s dental record! The visit was quick and quite enjoyable for all of us, my son included! 

dentistryAt the end of the visit my daughter received a pocket filled with stickers, prize tokens to use in the machine in the waiting room, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, a finger scrubber (to use when she’s being difficult) and a magnet detailing what to do when you may encounter a dental emergency! 

If you haven’t taken your child to see a dentist yet, I highly recommend Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics! Their locations in Bridgeport and Huntington (Shelton) are super convenient! They will be opening a third location Winter 2017 in Westport as well! Thank you Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics for an amazing first experience for my daughter! You eased this mama’s fears of the dentist and I only wished you took adults too!

Be sure to check out Commerce Park Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics for yourself and follow them on Facebook for up to date information.

This post was sponsored by Commerce Park Dentistry & Orthodontics, but the opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

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