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Love Affair with my Slow Cooker

Fall is my favorite time of year! The air is crisp and cool, football is on the television and the desire to nest at home kicks in. This is also the time of year when I get the itch to prepare some home cooked meals for my family. Before the birth of my twins I would spend my entire Sunday prepping a lavish meal. Now that my time is stretched thin I am always on the search for quick and easy recipes.

Most weekends I find myself reaching for my #1 favorite kitchen appliance, my slow cooker.

What’s not to love about a slow cooker!? You place a few ingredients in to cook and five hours later you have a delicious meal, ready to serve. (Not to mention that your house smells great all day long!) As a working mom, I rarely have time to cook so the large portions that I make on Sunday last us into the week!

Below is a roundup of my favorite slow cooker recipes ranging from ridiculously simple to a bit more time consuming.

Ridiculously Simple

Campbell’s Slow Cooker Ready Made Sauces 
Couldn’t be easier! Just add sauce to meat and you’re done! The Buffalo Chicken and Apple Bourbon Pulled Pork are our delicious!

Pesto Ranch Chicken
This is my husband’s favorite! It’s easy enough that he can make it on his own! We are not a fan of chicken thighs so we substitute chicken breasts.

Middle of the Road

Crock Pot Lasagna

Honey Garlic Chicken

More Difficult, but Worth It!

Apricot Brisket
This meal plus a glass of red wine are what winter dreams are made of!

Chicken Chili
I often substitute turkey meat.

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What’s your favorite crockpot meal? Share in the comments below!

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