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Sleep Isn’t the Only Thing I Miss about my Old Life

Like all moms I love my children to death. But having said that, there are so many things I wish I hadn’t taken for granted before I had my kids. The list could gone on and on, but since I have been on the 4:30am wake-up duty with my youngest for a few weeks now, I’ve been thinking about this a lot and have narrowed it down to 5.

1. Disposable Income: Oh how I fondly remember the days of being able to buy something on a whim; clothes, sneakers, a meal out. Not that we live hand-to-mouth by any stretch, but money with two kids is no longer something to be spent without thinking about it first.

2. Reading magazines and staying up to watch my 10pm television show: Thank God for DVR, iTunes, Netflix and OnDemand. Without them I wouldn’t have watched a TV show since 2011, NO JOKE. As for magazine reading, I used to indulge while at the gym or while getting a pedicure….yeah those days are long gone for now.


How to Get Away with Murder…How do you stay up to watch is what it should be called

3. Not stepping on toys in the middle of the night: In our house the Legos seem to multiply at night and spread themselves out strategically. No matter how well we clean up, there’s always one rogue toy (or maybe they really do come alive at night?). Even the soft toys are hazardous when you have only ½ an eyelid open at 2am.mess

4. Grocery shopping once a week: No matter how detailed my list, how through my meal planning, I end up back at a grocery store at least twice a week in addition to my initial shop. Why? Either all the food has been eaten or the beasts boycott what I had planned to serve them.

5. Personal Space: Honestly, I can’t wait to get to the stage in my life when I can use the bathroom with the door closed in peace, sit at the table to do work without someone pulling on my clothes, drink coffee or eat a meal without someone trying to grab my food, etc, etc.

no privacy

No room is sacred…not even the bathroom

Luckily, my little guys give great snuggle hugs and are super cute. Seriously, I know this is just a season of mommyhood that is wearing on the body, but it also builds the bonds.

What do you miss about your old life?

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