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Sipping on Summer

Moms’ Night Out at Cask Republic

It may not officially be summer, but we’ve hit summer temperatures. Frizzy hair, don’t care. Sunscreen, overly prepared. Shaved legs, a few nicks here and there. What excites me most about warm weather, you ask? Easy answer: sipping sweet, refreshing summery drinks.

If you’re anything like me, sipping on summer is best when you’re not on Mom duty. Whether you’re bonding with fellow moms, catching up with close friends, or going on a date with your spouse, that summery drink in your hand is a vacation in itself. Checking out new places or checking out new drinks at favorite places is the easiest form of traveling!

Here are some drink recommendations from the Fairfield County Moms Blog contributor team:

(I must admit I had way too much fun compiling research and so many drinks at these restaurants sound amazing!)

Home-made Cocktails

Let’s be real, though. We don’t get to go out that often, so let’s enjoy being sip-at-home moms. Yes, I know we only have a couple of minutes to prepare a single drink, which we subsequently nurse during the hours that comprise dinner/ bath/ bed. That’s the beauty of summer cocktails. You can whip them up quickly and while the melted ice may dilute the potency, the flavor still stands the test of (interrupted and prolonged) time.

I’m not really a recipe follower, so I experiment with 3-5 of my go-to ingredients:

St. Germain – A splash of it elevates any drink with a sassy yet soothing finish. Want to feel fancy at home on a weekend morning as you watch kids run around the yard? Just pour it over prosecco!

Hibiscus Vodka – It’s blended with pomegranate, so it’s subtly sweet and whisks you away to the tropics! 

Tequila-Dragons Love Tacos  Parents love margaritas! (I have yet to purchase Nervous Breakdown, but I have passed it at Stew’s, perfectly placed in the juice box aisle, and it’s gotten the stamp of approval from one of the contributors who is a mom of toddler twins!)

Spiked Seltzer (grapefruit, lime, or orange)


Sparkling fruit soda (blood orange or grapefruit)

Pomegranate juice or tea – any kind will do.

Lime juice

Simple syrup – I keep things simple and I buy a bottle of it. (Sophistication meets simplicity with this cucumber mint cocktail)

Fresh strawberries or raspberries

Watermelon (Cut some slices for the kids and freeze some for yourself with this Game-changer recipe!)

Sip away, mamas, you deserve it!

What’s your favorite summery drink in Fairfield County? What cocktail ingredients do you add to your shopping list? 

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