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Reimagining Romance: Tips for a Great Date Night Without Leaving Your Couch

I LOVE dining out. I am constantly researching the best new restaurants around Fairfield County in hopes that one day my husband and I will get there. These days, however, our meals mostly include leftover dino nuggets and boxed mac and cheese. Having twin toddlers means that we rarely get to enjoy a night out on the town. We’ve had to change our definition of a romantic evening.

Below are a few tips and tricky my husband and I use to make a date night at home feel special. It just takes a little time and planning!

Communicate & Plan Ahead

 I cannot tell you how many nights my husband and I will do our own thing after the bedtime routine is complete. It’s exhausting and takes a lot out of us! Many nights the routine will end with one or both of us face planted into our bed, game over! Other nights my husband will slip down to the basement, tinkering in his “Man Cave” while I catch up on my Bravo shows. It may not be a special occasion, but sometimes just getting through another day with twin toddlers is reason enough to celebrate! Make sure you are both aware of the plan and then when the kids hit the pillow it’s go time… “8 p.m., tacos, margaritas, Netflix!”

Cook your favorite meal together

There is something romantic about preparing a home cooked meal together. If I know a date night is coming up I’ll be sure to grab ingredients for one of of my husbands’ favorite meals! Creating it together brings us closer!

Bring on the Booze

My husband’s not much of a drinker but he’ll never turn down a good margarita. Margaritas have become our date night staple and I make sure to always have the ingredients on hand!

Find an “Adult” Space to Spend Time

In our house we have a kids living room that is part playroom and an adult living area that I strive to keep neat and clean. When my husband and I are settling in for a romantic night we always choose the nicer of the two rooms. It’s easier to unwind when there aren’t any toys in your eye line. During the summer months we’ll take our meal outside under the string lights which makes for an extra romantic vibe!

Netflix & Relax

Getting through all five seasons of Breaking Bad together is one of our fondest memories as a couple. That moment when the kids are finally asleep and you can put on your favorite show together is SO satisfying.  If we are not currently binging a show we’ll look for a movie to watch….something that neither of us have seen before and can discuss together afterwards.

Put the Phone Down

OK, learn from my mistakes! Remember what I said about discussing what you’ve watched? Yeah, it’s pretty embarrassing to be asked a question about the plot, only to realize you’ve been scrolling Instagram and have no idea what going on. (Ooops!) For special date nights put the phone away!

Do I miss fancy restaurants and adult socialization? Heck yeah! But I know that this is just a phase in our lives. My husband and I have two adorable, healthy kids and I wouldn’t change that for the world! We may be tethered to our baby monitor for a few more years but at least we are in it together!

Fairfield County will always have the best restaurants and one day my husband and I will be back out enjoying them! Until then, we are making the most of our time in together!


Photo of the happy couple and one of our tiny photo bombers who we can never seem to shake!

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