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Reclaiming that Hour We Think We “Lost”

Daylight Savings Time is here again. Spring forward! Yay!

Wait, that means we lose an hour? Nooooooo.

We can’t lose another hour. 24 hours already isn’t enough.

Another lost hour of sleep? Well, if we’re talking about our own sleep, then we’ll manage. We only sleep in interrupted spurts anyway. Plus, coffee. Yes, we’ll manage.

Another lost hour of trying to remember whatever has escaped our Mom brain. Ehhhh, it’s already forgotten. Who cares? It will come back to us sometime. Probably when we’re trying to fall back asleep.

Another lost hour dreaming about what we would do with said hour, if we had the freedom to spend it as we wished? We don’t have time for fantasizing. Come on, mama, snap out of it. Clock’s ticking.

We are masters of time management.
We cram as much as we can into as little time as we have.
We feel guilty for not accomplishing more in the little time we do have.

We rarely allow ourselves to lose track of time.
We have “date nights,” but we rush through them. We didn’t need to, but we told whoever is watching the kids we would be back by a certain time.
We budget time more than we budget money.
We have a night with the girls, but we’re already calculating if getting home late will be worth the “lost sleep” tonight or the slower pacing during our marathon of obligations tomorrow.
We finally are at the salon, and while we’ve carved out a few hours for personal care, the visit was long overdue. We just didn’t have time to get there a few weeks or months earlier.

When we spend time with our kids, it’s the same.
We can’t afford to lose an hour getting them to sleep. There are dishes waiting to be washed, lunches waiting to be made, some semblance of unwinding with our partner waiting to be enjoyed.
During our “free” weekends together, we want to while away as much time as possible to keep everyone entertained and happy. But, we often find ourselves cutting off the fun, knowing we must make time for boring errands. And we’d prefer to do them sooner than later.

Daylight Savings Time is here again. Spring forward! Yay! 

Wait, that means we lose an hour?

Let’s do it! It’s time we started rethinking how we view time.

Stop checking your watch, phone, or clock.

Lose yourself in rocking your baby to sleep. Gaze at her fluttering lashes a little longer.
Lose yourself in playing every game the kids request. Let the toynado that hit remain a little longer.
Lose yourself in upgrading to the spa pedicure. Soak your toesies a little longer.
Lose yourself in shopping around. Browse bookshelves, racks of clothing, or Target aisles a little longer.
Lose yourself in watching a show with your spouse. Stay awake on the couch a little longer. 
Lose yourself in catching up with your girlfriends. Laugh, drink, dance, gossip, exercise a little longer. 
Lose yourself in ordering dessert, well after the dinner plates have been cleared. Sit at that restaurant a little longer. 

It’s just an hour, mamas.
It’s not lost; it’s just waiting to be found.

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