Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

A Jack of All Trades

My daughter just started pre-school this week and I literally had to console myself when I realized how much she’s grown.  She’s becoming this vibrant, chatty, caring, and active little girl and I indulge in watching her change every day.  It’s all going so fast and I want to make sure to keep up with […]

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Me at 7 Months!

The Pregnancy Diaries

Me at 7 Months! I am being honest when I say that I did not love being pregnant.  Judge me if you want, but I did not like gaining weight (I know, who does?), abstaining from sushi, sleeping on my side, elastic-waisted everything, and I seriously missed my martinis.  What I disliked even more then […]

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Woman In The Grass With A Computer

Maximize Your Mommy Time

It’s hard to find the time to take care of your needs when you have your children to take care of. Every mother knows that the health and well-being of your children often trumps our own health and well-being 95% of the time. So what can you do to maximize your mommy time without taking […]

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