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Our Family Spring Bucket List

While we are now smack dab in the midst of winter with a new snow storm every week, I’ve been dreaming about springtime and being outdoors {without a snowsuit}. I started a “bucket list” of spring activities so that we all have something to look forward to. Plus, when we have a day with no plans and are trying to find an activity, we can just pick one off the bucket list and off we go!

I picked 8 of my favorite “must dos” below.

Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List


Plant a Vegetable Garden: I have already scoped out Benedict’s Home & Garden in Monroe as a great place to get supplies.

Play in the Rain: Nothing to plan for here, we just need Mother Nature to do her job.

Visit a Farm & See the Baby Animals: I hope that Jones Family Farms will have some baby animals.

Have a Picnic in the Park: There are so many beautiful parks in Fairfield County. Since we have park passes for Trumbull, I think we’ll go to Twin Brooks Park. We had our family pictures taken there in the fall, so it would be great to go back there and see it in a different season. Plus, they have an awesome playground!

Go for a Nature Walk: Housatonic Rail-Trail will be a good option and we can even bring along bikes!

Decorate Easter Eggs: Eggs + Food coloring + A toddler who loves to get messy = This will be an easy one to check off.

Go to the Zoo: We will definitely go to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo!

Spring Cleaning Tag Sale: Spring clean the entire house, sort through what we aren’t using/don’t need anymore and have a weekend tag sale! AND even make a little bit of extra money!

Have you ever made a seasonal bucket list for your family? Did your family enjoy it?

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  1. jana
    jana February 17, 2015 at 11:02 AM #

    I love making seasonal to-do lists, they’re perfect for days when we know we want to get out, and can’t decide what to do/where to go!

    But, I have to admit, my lists never look as cute/colorful as your list 🙂

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