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Nefaire: A New Brand in Modern Skincare

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Nefaire is a modern skincare brand focused on the full range of skin-influencing factors, from regimen and diet to lifestyle and prescriptions.

Founded by people who “get” the skincare struggle, their philosophy around skin is built around the fact that great skincare is about much more than what you put on your face. They’re both former finance professionals who decided that skincare needed to change. Michael, previously worked in private equity, and had chronic acne for over a decade, until he figured out how the skin actually works. Wen, spent over a decade at Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund. She is now a NYC licensed esthetician and head of skincare at Nefaire.

The name Nefaire is derived from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph Nefer, which means wellness and beauty. Their goal is to build a “full-stack” platform that covers each of the following factors: 

1. Thoughtfully designed and contextualized skincare products.

Each one of their products (including their currently available face mask line) includes recommendations on the diet, regimen, and lifestyle considerations someone should be following that will help optimize the results of the product usage. Customers can currently try out the products in their Westport showroom in a personalized facial with one of their licensed skin therapists.

2. A Supportive Online Community

Through their blog, skinfoodmagazine, they cover topics like gut health, diet, mental health (as it pertains to skin), and more, all from a brand-agnostic point of view. They think the community and content aspect of skincare is just as important as the physical things we do for skin.

3. A Telehealth Dermatologist Visit and Cloud-Based Pharmacy

Currently in beta, they believe medical solutions play a critical role in skincare and they don’t think taking a holistic approach has to be mutually exclusive from science and data. Even living in Fairfield County, it can be difficult to schedule and find the right dermatologist for conditions like stubborn acne. They’re testing a digital solution that takes their holistic philosophy and applies it to medicine, so customers can access both convenience and efficacy when it comes to medical-grade skin issues.

When they started Nefaire, they knew they wanted to create a different kind of brand in the skincare space. As someone who’s had chronic acne for over ten years and been through the gamut of OTC drugstore products, expensive department store brands, and visited over 5 dermatologists, Michael understands the struggle of trying to get clear, healthy-looking skin.

After being frustrated over and over with still not being able to achieve the results he wanted, he decided to research why. The answer was implicit (and somewhat obvious): there’s no one single product or single thing that can get your skin glowing like a K-pop idol.

Getting clear, healthy-looking skin is a product of several different variables working together, including your daily regimen, diet considerations, lifestyle habits, and product/prescription usage. It seems common sense, but no skincare brand acknowledged this truth to be the cornerstone of everything they produce, which is exactly why they intend to build Nefaire into the brand that does so.

Each of their products are designed by estheticians and have been created using the thousands of data points they’ve analyzed from actual facial clients. Each product is also contextualized and includes a booklet of recommendations (put together from talking to experienced estheticians, dermatologists, gut health experts, and nutritionists) to help achieve optimal results.

The facials in their showroom (which is the first service launched), serves as a means of communicating this philosophy through the voice of skin therapists, who work with skin literally every single day. Their therapists personalize each session to a clients’ needs, while advising them on what they should be doing at home to amplify their results.

They view facials as a supplementary skincare service that they have to offer guidance and improve people’s skin, which is why they also don’t really consider their showroom to be a traditional “day spa” – they think facials should be viewed as a staple in a skincare routine, not as a luxury. They think the same of self-care, which is why they also offer personalized massages in the showroom as well.

To try out all products and experience the skincare/self-care services in their Westport showroom, you can book online at or give them a ring at (203) 349-5079.  

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