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Need a Wardrobe Re-Do?

VentureMom Maria Turkel – Professional Wardrobe Stylist
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Wouldn’t it be a luxury to have someone come organize your closet and put together great outfits for each area of your life.  This VentureMom does just that.

The former Costume Supervisor for the hit show Friends, Maria Turkel went to school for Fashion Design and Art History, then spent ten years working on television shows and movies in Hollywood.  She was the one who found the wedding dress that Jennifer Aniston wore in the pilot of Friends.  Who could forget that scene?

Holly Hurd.005“I had to know each character’s personality and background. Then I would shop the department stores, Rodeo Drive and thrift shops to find what would work for them and their scenes.  There were tons of fittings, multiple changes, and lots of drama in creating outfits for actors and it was always crazy-busy.”

When she moved back East, Maria got started her own business telling everyone she knew about her venture.  A local mom became Maria’s first client, “It was a great feeling to get paid for my talent.  She told her friends and soon I had four clients I was working with.”  From Friends to friends….Holly Hurd.006

How does Maria work? ”  I usually start with a new client by doing a complete closet clean out.  We weed through what works, donate what doesn’t and organize what’s left.”  Maria is very good at ascertaining a client’s personal style and works to showcase that, “The last thing I want to do is dress someone in clothes they don’t feel good in.  My goal is to highlight a person’s true personality with the clothes they have plus a few of my suggestions.  I want to help them be authentic to who they are while looking the best that they can.”

Maria lays out outfits that include tops, bottoms, a handbag, jewelry and shoes.  She works to give her client’s outfits for each part of their lives whether it’s every day, a ladies lunch, work or a night in the city.  “I recently outfitted a woman for a wedding in St. Johns Island.  We chose complete outfits for arriving on Thursday, lunch on Friday, the Rehearsal Dinner, shopping on Saturday, the wedding itself and brunch on Sunday.”

Maria Turkel business card (1)Maria makes her clients look great by using her knowledge of color, proportion and composition.  One client says, “After working with Maria, I received so many compliments on my wardrobe from my friends and family.  She really helped me complete my outfits with accessories.  I go to the ‘look book’ she created for me almost every day.”
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