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Mother’s Day Traditions to Start

Mother’s Day is a time for the world to stop and recognize the love and sacrifice moms provide for their family. It’s been an official holiday in the US since 1914. The Mother in your life seriously deserves one special day. Her day might start off with breakfast in bed, a bouquet of flowers, and homemade cards. If you don’t have a Mother’s Day tradition, now is a good time to start. If you need some inspiration, check out these activities to make a tradition for each year to come.

Pamper Pamper Pamper

At some point on Mother’s Day, you may want some time alone or a chance for a little cat nap. Make sure you get what you need and deserve. A few days before Mother’s Day, give your husband and kids a list of your requests on your special day. 


Instead of buying a floral arrangement from the florist, why not create the arrangement? Have the kids pick flowers in the yard and tie them together with ribbon. Flowers are a wonderful way to show you are thinking of your mom. I can see this activity being one of the highlights on Mother’s day!


If you want to have some downtime on Mother’s Day, take a blanket outside and read a good book. A little relaxation is a simple way to pamper a mother of any age. 

Have a Picnic

Choose a unique location like a park or beach. Set the scene and the blanket. Tasty finger foods are perfect for a picnic.

Snack Basket 

Forego the usual gifts and give Mom a basket full of her favorite snacks. Have the kids put it together with dad. Let the kids have all freedom on this one. It’s a creative gift Mom will definitely love. 

Take a Day Trip  

Venture off to a new place. Mother’s Day is a perfect day to take a little drive to a nearby town or city. Typically the weather is nice and stores are usually all open for this heavy foot-traffic day. You know restaurants will be fully staffed that day.


Planting a special flower is a great way to be reminded of Mother’s Day year after year. Getting in the garden with Mom is a great way to make memories.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Mother’s Day activities shared in this post. However you choose to spend your day, I hope you spend it with your loved ones and start your own annual tradition of fun activities for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!

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