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Have you ever said or done something, and thought– “Oh my gosh, I am totally turning into my mother!” Well, I’ve had many of those moments lately, and you know what? It’s not a bad thing! If I could be half the mom to my kids that my mom was to me, I’d consider us lucky.

Me and my mom, circa 1979. I didn't listen too well back then, but I'm listening now!

Me and my mom, circa 1979. I didn’t listen too well back then, but I’m listening now!

As Mother’s Day approaches, and the stores fill with gifts, cards and flowers, it’s sometimes hard not to reflect… Not only about your mother or the motherly figures in your life, but about your role as a mother and the influences you’ve had, who made you who you are.

I’m lucky to have such an incredible mom, and while I hope I’ve shown her appreciation, I’m not sure I really understood much of what she taught me, until I became a mother myself. Here a few lessons she taught me, that I’d like to share with you:

Stay positive: My little sister and I nicknamed my mom “Pollyanna,” after the Disney character who was eternally optimistic. Even when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she had to break the news to us, she couldn’t have been more calm, collected, and optimistic. She actually started off by saying she had “good” news(!), that even though she was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer she knew she’d beat it. And she did. She underwent chemo, a double mastectomy, reconstruction, and she is doing great! She taught us, firsthand, the meaning of strength.

Always keep a sense of humor:  My mom and I have laughs you could easily hear from a mile away, and I can’t tell you how much it’s helped us through tough times, and made good times even better.

Be your kids’ biggest fan: My mom is always the first to tell me I’ve done a great job, even on days when I know I haven’t! I hope I can be just as supportive to my kids. 

Family first:  My mom, like so many, would do anything for her family. When I think about all the sacrifices she and my dad made for me, I could easily get choked up. Eventually, after my sisters and I were grown, my mom went back to school and earned her Master’s degree. I couldn’t be more proud of her accomplishments, and hope I make my kids just as proud.

As they say, "The best moms are promoted to grandmas!"

As they say, “The best moms are promoted to grandmas!”

K.I.S.:  My mom’s motto is always, “Keep it simple!” And while it used to drive me crazy, I realize now how true it is! From hosting family gatherings, to managing a household everyday, the best thing you can do to stop yourself from going crazy is to keep it simple. For many of us, this would probably entail taking a break from Pinterest!

Always say I love you: Even if it’s just in a simple text, my mom says, “I love you tons” nearly every day. I easily tell my son I love him a thousand times a day, and though he doesn’t quite grasp the concept yet, I’m sure one day he will.

Have faith:  Any faith. Religious, or spiritual. It helps when the going gets rough.

However you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day, I hope you take some time for yourself and honor the mother you’ve become, and the people who’ve shaped you. Especially the kiddos who earned us the amazing title of MOTHER.


What motherly advice have you received? And what advice would you give?


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