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Mosquito Joe of Gold Coast CT: Making Outside Fun

This post is sponsored by Mosquito Joe of Gold Coast CT but the opinions are my own. Please support our sponsors.

I love summertime! I love that we get to slow down a bit and have a lot more fun. One of the best things is that everyone gets to be outside. From early morning playing on our swing set to late nights by the fire pit we are really enjoying our backyard. But those bugs! Total buzz kill! Insects, especially mosquitoes, can really ruin a great summer day or night. Mosquitoes literally suck and being itchy is the worst!

Luckily here in Fairfield County we have Mosquito Joe of Gold Coast CT to come and make outside fun again. They offer residential and commercial barrier sprays, and special event/one time treatments, guaranteed to keep those insects away.

Mosquito Joe

As moms, we love quick and easy. I was notified via email the day they would come and was given a time-window. They also sent a detailed email with a product label and safety data sheet for each product they would use on my lawn to protect against mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

They first day the technicians came they knocked on the door to alert me they were there. I was instructed not to go on the lawn with my three kiddos or to let the dogs out for at least 30 minutes after spraying. Using a backpack sprayer designed for precise application, the technician targeted shrubs and plants with a barrier spray that kills mosquitoes on contact. It bonds to foliage, where it will act as a mosquito repellent for weeks to come. My kids loved watching out of every window as they worked.

Mosquito Joe

The certified technicians left a detailed note (and a follow-up email) explaining that they had found some sources of mosquitoes in our yard. The gutters above the deck were retaining water and needed to be cleaned and there were two five-gallon buckets of water that could be used as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. More to add to my honey-do list and a reason for him to actually get it done. 

Amazingly only 24 hours after the first treatment there was a noticeable difference in our yard. The mosquitoes had disappeared. No buzzing around our ears and welts appearing all over my legs…I’m super sensitive to bites! We also have a ton of rabbits and deer that pass through our yard every day, so knowing our dogs (and children) would be better protected against ticks is a big relief. Especially if your kids are like mine and like to wrestle in the grass.

They came back again one week later, and then two weeks after that visit. Now my yard is mosquito-free and the whole family is happier being outside.

Customers have the option of a chemical-based, synthetic insecticide or an organic alternative. The organic option is mostly rosemary-and-garlic-based. It is primarily a repellent, as opposed to killing the bugs. They can put that on vegetables and flower gardens since bugs and mosquitoes don’t like it.

Mosquito Joe offers a MoJo Satisfaction Guarantee and never locks you into a contract. If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of your yard treatments, you can contact them within 14 days of your service and they will schedule a time to reassess your property and if needed, re-spray at no additional charge. 

So don’t let all the mosquitoes bug you this summer! Let Mosquito Joe make outside fun again for you and your family! 

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