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Moms…I Have Your Back {End the “Mommy Wars”}

It’s May and that means its time to celebrate moms! It’s a time when we can all find common ground and agree that being a mom is a tough job. Lately, finding common ground between moms has been difficult. So difficult that it’s even been labeled “mommy wars.” I feel extremely lucky that I have supportive moms around me and have never felt judged. It saddens me to think that not every mom feels like others have her back.

mommy warsSo my Mother’s Day gift to all the moms out there is to tell you that I have your back!

If you’re a breastfeeding or formula feeding mom…I have your back.

If you’re a stay at home or a working mom…I have your back.

If you’re a c-section or a vaginal birth mom…I have your back.

If you’re a IVF or IUI or a unplanned pregnancy mom…I have your back.

If you’re a co-sleeper or a mom who put their child in their own room the moment you got home from the hospital…I have your back.

If you’re a short order cook or a mom who makes their kids eat what they cook or they don’t eat at all…I have your back.

If you’re a single or a married mom…I have your back.

If you’re a mom…I have your back.

This Mother’s Day lets all take a step back and realize that what works for our family doesn’t work for everyone’s. We did not write the book on how to be the perfect mom, because there is no such thing. All mothers struggle with every decision we make. We don’t need others to judge our decisions. We need others to support our decisions, even when they don’t agree with them. Let’s stop these “Mommy Wars.” Let’s come together as moms, but more importantly, as human beings and realize that we aren’t perfect, we don’t know it all, and there is no right or wrong way to love our children.

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