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Here at Fairfield County Moms Blog, we mostly focus just on the experience of the Mommies in the family. Moms are basically superheroes. However, we wouldn’t be Mommies if we hadn’t met the Daddies. Everyone’s story is different! So, in honor of Father’s Day on June 19, we bring you a brief series from several of our contributors entitled “How I Met Your Father.” Please enjoy!

You little ones sure ask a lot of questions! I have the answers to about 87% of them, but as you get older the questions get a little bit harder. Recently you asked, “Why do you kiss Daddy?” Of course you like to keep me on my toes! I guess the answer is because I love him, but you people always like to follow up with, “Why?” The quick answer is because he’s always been able to make me smile…even from across the room….or across an entire bar full of people.


Love before kids.

Mommy’s love for Daddy began long, long ago when Mommy met Daddy at a bar. Yup that’s right, that’s the simple truth of how I met your father, but of course it’s a much longer story than that. I met your Daddy when I least expected it. It was during a short period of time in my life when I was actually single and enjoying spending time alone and figuring out exactly what I wanted my life to become (well at least trying to).

You see, it was my first year teaching and I was slowly (very slowly) transitioning into becoming an adult, however I still lived at home. Even though I was 23 years old I had to follow Grammy and Poppie’s rules…and yes I followed all of them. At that point in time I lived and breathed my work, to the point where everyone was a little bit concerned. I NEEDED to go out and have some fun. So when one of my best friends invited me to join her at Wednesday night Karaoke at O’Neils in Sono, I tried to give her every last reason why it was a bad idea to go out at 10pm on a school night. But she was persistent and I gave in.

Don’t worry, I didn’t participate in the Karaoke! You all know it’s torture for everyone, even when you insist I sing ‘Let It Go’ for the millionth time. But, back then, I sat with my vodka cranberry mommy juice and talked and laughed while everyone else sang along. It felt so good to relax and take a break from work that I quickly became a Wednesday Karaoke regular.

Then there was that night, THE night, when a good friend of mine told me he needed to introduce me to his “best friend.” Hmmm questionable, but I’ve always been a nice girl – you should always be kind to others. Before I knew it I was shaking hands with this handsome green-eyed man wearing a Yankee’s baseball hat. He seemed nice. I said hello. We made some small talk. Then I slowly turned my back to continue my conversation with a girlfriend, and he walked away. Yup, I almost let him get away. Why, you ask? Simply because I had made a promise to myself that I was not interested in being in a relationship. I just wanted to have fun…and dance!

But this handsome guy just couldn’t resist your mama and he approached me again later that night. We got to talking, and before I knew it he was making me laugh…like pee your pants laugh! Before the night was over he asked for my phone number – I think I may have written it down on a napkin. Guess what? He called me the next day (he claims it was 3 days later, but you know Mommy is always right!) and the rest is history. We have been inseparable ever since, and the fun hasn’t stopped!

Love after kids.

Love after kids.

Who would have thought? I never would have imagined your Daddy would be my happily ever after. Together we’ve created the most imperfectly perfect family. What I’ve learned is that true love hits you when you least expect it, BUT your heart needs to be open to it. You need to push yourself to try new things and stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone. AND most importantly do what makes you happy!

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