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Mama, You Inspire Me

I was never aware of the super power of Mothers. I was never enamored by them. They were moms. They did what they were supposed to do. But once I became one, my whole perception of them changed. I saw them differently. I noticed them more. Typically, when I had a second to focus my energy and attention away from my own small children or when I was not in their company and had the luxury of time and concentration.

So now, I see you. I see you everywhere. And Mama, you inspire me.


You inspire me juggling your bags, with a toddler wrapped around your hip and a coffee cup in hand.

You inspire me in the Target parking lot. When you’ve gotten out of your car only to realize your child has gotten sick everywhere. When you rub his leg and tell him everything is going to be okay. 

You inspire me when your little person looks in your eyes, smiles and grabs your hand. When they call for you. When they want you. When they just need their mama and no one else.


And you inspire me when you feel like everyone else has their self together except you. When lose sight of your strengths and compare yourself to others on social media.

You inspire me as a brand new mom. When you feel exhausted, lonely and completely overwhelmed. When you wonder if you are cut out for motherhood.

And you inspire me when you are rocking it at work. When all your efforts have paid off, yet part of you feels a sting of guilt. When you wish you could divide yourself in half. 

You inspire me being a SAHM. When you miss adult conversation and are bored of the daily routine. When you worry that you have lost sight of you and who you are.

You inspire me when you want to escape. When you are overstimulated and can feel your agitation and frustration boil over. When you just need ten minutes without someone asking for milk, grabbing at your leg or screaming your name.  

And you inspire me when you notice your child getting bigger and needing you less. When you feel the pull at your heartstrings and get emotional because you wish you could just stop time.


You inspire me when it feels like your whole world is caving in. When you feel broken and try to pick up the pieces. When you hide your tears, so your children won’t worry.

You inspire me when you take time for you. When you finally take that class, ask for that break, or make an appointment with that therapist because motherhood is plain hard and you desperately need to fill up your empty cup.

And you inspire me when you have a good day. A day where you feel connected. A day where you feel alive and accomplished. A day you needed so very badly.

Whatever your story. Whatever your struggle. 

You are strong.

You are capable.

You are amazing.

You are real.

You do the best you can with what you have.

I see you. And Mama, you inspire me.

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