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LuCk {Make n’ Mingle}

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Some ladies have book clubs, some ladies lunch, my group of ladies make.  At least once a season, we try to get together for a “Make n’ Mingle”  The premise is pretty simple: we bring something to make, some adult libations, and something to eat.  We sit around a table and craft, talk, make and help each other out.  The point of Make n’ Mingle is not so much what we make, it’s how we make it. We make it together, with friends, sitting around a table, sharing ideas, telling stories, enjoying a drink or two. It’s a lot like an adult play date!

This inspiration for this Make n’ Mingle hatched from this Facebook share:FacebookPost copy

The following commentary went something like this:

A: O.M.G. Let’s make ‘n mingle some of these babies!
B: That sounds awesome!
C: OK! Weeknight or weekend? What’s better?
A: Today really is the best day ever
B: Emailing…

Making candy has always intimidated me.  Maybe its the chocolate moulds, or the word “tempered”, or the fact that the recipe called for precise weights of ingredients.  I definitely needed a candy-making support team.  And, this is why I love social media – with that one post I rallied up some girlfriends, started planning our thematic cocktails, with the help of Pinterest, and somehow we managed to make Cadbury eggs from scratch.


They may not look exactly like the Instructable guide we followed.  And, yes – we may have gone into severe sugar shock by the end of the night from all our sampling.  We may have even uttered the phrase, “Woh, that’s TOO sweet.” Karen may have amazed us with her amazing super powers of devouring the leftover filling with a spoon. What I do know is that somehow a bunch of ladies got together and created a bunch of eggs that would make any Easter basket proud. And, we’re already planning our next Make n’Mingle (can you say homemade Granola Bars?)

How To

The table is the center of every Make n’ Mingle. Cover it in a disposable table cloth or craft paper for easy clean up!


Cheese sounded like the perfect counterpart to all that sugar we about to inhale! Fondue is the perfect meal to serve at a small gathering.



We had a little bit of fun with our egg-stravaganza and transformed plastic eggs into cups to serve up these delicious chocolate cocktails from Drop Dead Gorgeous

{Cadbury Eggs}

We followed this recipe from Instructables.  The results were egg-cellent!

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