Passionate About the Community
and the Moms Who Live Here

Living the Hustle defines hustle as to proceed or work rapidly or energetically. Me, I define hustle as being a mom in 2017! In fact, it’s my current season of life. From the minute I wake up to the minute I pass out, I’m hustling to keep everything together. The juggle of two kids, work, trying to keep that loving feeling alive with my husband, and being a good daughter and daughter-in-law. To say nothing of pretending to still stay up to date with my friends, is my true hustle. 

Hustling is not new to me. I’ve always been a hustler. Feel free to ask any of my friends pre-marriage or pre-kids. Back in the day I used to pride myself in getting as much done as possible in the least amount of time possible. This season of my life, that of mom with younger kids, is tough. Somebody always wants something from me, 24/7.

Having a family helped me focus and have clearer life goals. (Must be all the coffee I drink these days!). Now my hustle is powered by the desire to show myself that I am in control, not my fear of failure or not being good enough. As a matter of fact, I choose to see the hustle season of motherhood in a positive light. Just like the season before, that of newborn and transitioning from one child to two, I’ve found the best way to succeed is to embrace the challenges. Celebrate the victories and always be a Mother Hustler.

All my fellow Mother Hustlers, holla back! Comment below with how you handle the mom hustle.

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