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Kids Music That Won’t Drive You Crazy! No, Really!

There is one thing that both of my kids have consistently loved since the moment they were born. And that thing is music. We are the family that has music playing all of the time at home and in the car. When my oldest was small, I didn’t really pay attention to what was playing – until he started talking! That’s when I realized I didn’t necessarily want him repeating what he was hearing on the radio.

So I started to pay attention and sought out music that wouldn’t drive me crazy. There are only so many times that a mom can listen to “Let It Go” before she really does let it all go and lose her cool. Currently, the Moana soundtrack is on repeat in our house and I might just lose it if I have to listen to The Rock sing “You’re Welcome” one more time!

There are tons of great kid-friendly AND grown up-friendly music options out there that I thought I’d share them with you! If you’re on your eighth listen of  Baby Beluga or Old MacDonald today and are ready for something new, here’s a list of our family’s most favorite kid-friendly music!

The Okee Dokee Brothers 

If I’m honest, I think I enjoy these two more than my kids do! Their music is fun and catchy without being annoying. The messages in their songs are positive and uplifting and just plain wholesome. Our favorites include “Can You Canoe” and “Jackalope.”

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

My kids and I have been lucky enough to see this guy perform at the Levitt Pavilion for the last two summers. We love this kid-friendly rapper – yes, rapper- and his super awesome lyrics will have you moving in your seat. Trust me – he’s worth a listen. Our favs include “Back Home,” “Imaginary Friend,” and “Make the Future.” #CrazyGenius!

Rockabye Baby!

If you haven’t heard of Rockabye Baby! before, you can thank me after your first listen. These instrumental playlists use simple, gentle instruments that are pleasant to listen to, but won’t wake a sleeping baby. There’s everything from The Beatles to Queen to Metallica. My family’s favs include the Bob Marley, Adele, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce playlists.

They Might Be Giants

These guys are great. Their kids albums are fun and entertaining, yet educational. You haven’t heard anything until you’ve heard your toddler sing about wanting to be a paleontologist. My boys’ love the albums Here Come The 1, 2, 3s and Here Comes Science.

The Johnny Cash Children’s Album 

It’s Johnny Cash — Need I say more?! Our favorites include “I Got A Boy” and “Nasty Dan.”

{Almost} Any Spotify Kids Playlist*

I’ve tried a bunch of different music streaming services but really enjoy Spotify. I think they have a fantastic variety of kids music, not just Disney playlists or The Wiggles. They have great playlists already compiled but also give you the option to play whole albums, too. *Free and paid subscriptions available.

What’s your favorite kid AND grownup-friendly music?

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