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Hospital Bag Essentials: What I Packed for Baby #2!

A key question many soon-to-be mamas have is what they really need in their hospital bag. After the birth of my first child, I wrote a blog post about what I packed versus what I actually needed. Now that I just had baby #2, I figured it was time to refresh that list. Here’s what I found most useful the second time around. 

hospital bag

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1. An extra (empty) tote bag to cart home all the freebies you get from the nurses.

2. Cozy slippers to wear around the hospital. My feet were too swollen for shoes!

3. Nursing tanks – comfy and convenient, especially during those first few days of non-stop nursing.

4. Facial wipes – a quick and easy way to wash your face and feel refreshed.

5. Lip balm because nothing dries out your lips and skin like labor!

6. Nursing supplies like the soothing cream from Earth Mama.

7. Allll the snacks. I kept these Trader Joe’s dark chocolate sea salt almonds on my bedside table!

8. A file folder to keep track of all the paperwork you collect while in the hospital. 

9. Hair ties = mission critical. 

10. A water bottle. I was constantly thirsty from labor and nursing and the hospital cups are tiny.

Mamas – feel free to share your recommendations in the comments! 

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