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Helpful Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

kitchen gadgets

As a mom, we often spend a lot of time tending to our families. We are either cleaning up, shuttling children, doing laundry, or making the “fifth meal” of the day for one of our hungry kids. While many of us may feel like we are always in the kitchen cooking or prepping the next snack or meal, I have compiled a list of some helpful tools and gadgets that we cannot live without, and best of all, they are under $20. Some of these tools are a necessity in the day-to-day operations in the kitchen and hopefully inspire you to try them and make your life a little more simple next time your “working” in the kitchen.

One of my favorites is the hard/soft egg cooker! This gadget has changed my life of making hard-boiled eggs. This egg cooker can even help you make a small omelet or scrambled egg. The egg cooker will be a lifesaver when making hard or soft boiled eggs. I now actually eat hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and lunch after years of failed attempts to make them on the stove.

The next helpful kitchen gadget is the cookie scoop. The cookie scoop has a variety of uses in the kitchen, including; cookies, muffins, and meatballs. It will help you create equal scoops, which will hopefully save you from burning your food. It is such a simple and easy to use spoon!

I am sure many of you may have a pizza cutter, but if you do not, then this is definitely a must-have for your kitchen! This pizza cutter will help you cut your pizza, keeping the toppings in place, and will slice through the crust too. You’ll find yourself using this tool to slice food items as well, such as a pie, where you need to get through a thicker crust, but you do not want to ruin your food. Dishwasher safe too!

A fun must-have for any of us is a cordless electric wine opener. If you are a wine drinker at home, this will definitely simplify your wine opening skills. No more not getting the cork stuck or losing part of the cork into your fresh bottle of wine. A must-have for your wine nights!

Next up is the vegetable spiralizer! This gadget will help with your slicing of various vegetables and will make them look super neat and even. You can prepare a bunch of vegetables for a stir fry or salad, or you can also use for potatoes if you want to make shoestring fries. This is a unique tool.

Another simple to use gadget is the garlic press. This is easy to use to crush garlic, ginger, or even peanuts and nuts. It is easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher to help get that garlic thoroughly cleaned out.

Next, we love the grapefruit knife! This knife will easily slice grapefruit and will make it so much easier to get out of the peel. This can also be useful with oranges too. The way that this knife is made, it just so simple to carve out your fruit in a matter of seconds to enjoy.

Most of us enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning and may enjoy grinding our own preferred flavor or brand of beans to help boost a fresh-tasting cup of coffee. Here is our favorite electric coffee/spice grinder. This gadget will allow you to freshly ground beans at home, but can also be used for nuts and spices.

As we move into a new world of no plastic bags, we will all appreciate the next helpful gadget. Be sure to check out the reusable silicone food savers. This item will help you leave behind the aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and Zip Locks to help your family reuse and recycle when packing up various foods and snacks. This product can come in multiple sizes, colors, and quantities, depending on your needs.

A grape slicer is another excellent tool. Though we can agree that slicing a grape is relatively easy, it can be tricky to try and hold the grape and not nip a fingertip. The grape slicer can also cut cherry tomatoes.

A fun favorite for any family is the emoji pancake pan. In my home, it can be tricky to come up with creative ways to get my kids to eat a simple and traditional pancake. This is a cute way to help get those picky eaters to eat a pancake with a smiley face on it.

Lastly, for our favorite kitchen gadgets under $20, I will include the electric hand mixer. We all may love (or not) our Kitchen Aid mixer, but sometimes we want simple and efficient. The handheld mixer is super quick and easy to use. You may just need to mix up a quick brownie mix, or here is a fun tip: it can shred chicken! It will be an easy cleanup, and most have storage with them for the beaters.

There are a few additional favorite kitchen items I wanted to share that are a little over $20 but so worth it!

First is my cast iron skillet pan. This pan will run you a little over $20 (various brands that range between $25-$40 depending on your preference), but it’s so worth it. My family and I use this a lot over the colder months or when we don’t feel like turning the grill on. It will give your chicken a nice, grilled flavor with skillet marks on it. You can certainly grill other meats on this pan and other items of your choice.

We also love our crockpot (also referred to as the slow cooker) as it serves for so many uses when preparing dinners. The crockpot will run you in a range of more than $20 (you can find for around $35 depending on the model), but it is my “easy dinner” go to. Some of the dinners can include; a roast and potatoes, meatballs, chili, and shredded chicken.

Happy cooking, and I hope you enjoy some of these helpful gadgets for your kitchen!

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