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Why Go to the Gym When the Gym Can Come to You?

Total Body Fitness

Working out can be intimidating. And, going to the gym without a plan and guidance can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed, poor results, or injury.

Total Body Performance Fitness and Wellness is here to help. TBP is a fitness and wellness concierge business offering services ranging from individualized personal training to small group instruction, integrative health coaching including nutrition guidance, healthy habits, meal preparation, lifestyle changes, and much more.

With over 25 years of experience in physical rehabilitation in various settings including outpatient and home health care, co-founders Marco Antunez and Sara Florio offer all services in the convenience of your home with the certified backgrounds you can trust. Marco is a physical therapist and ACSM certified personal trainer and Sara Florio is an occupational therapist, health coach, and ACSM certified personal trainer.

They are passionate about staying active, Marco played collegiate and semi-professional soccer and Sara was an avid tennis player. Personally, they have both benefitted from exercise and healthy lifestyle changes. Professionally, they have seen so many preventable injuries, chronic disease patterns, and a gap in the continuum of care after orthopedic surgery for clients that want to get back to their active lifestyle that they were inspired to provide a service addressing the core of the problem, not just a temporary fix.

They work with clients ranging from teenage athletes through the geriatric population in a safe, knowledgeable, and creative environment. 

They will partner with you to personalize a program that is developed to meet your unique needs. These programs can include, but are not limited to calisthenics, stabilization/core training, dynamic cardio, resistance training, and functional training- conveniently brought straight to your door from Greenwich to Fairfield.

They offer an initial free fitness and health assessment and develop a plan based on your goals. Packages are available upon request.

Areas of expertise:
· Pre and post orthopedic surgery programming including safe, effective partial and full joint replacement
· Athletic injuries with pre and post-season training
· Weight loss and general fitness
· Competition preparation

Contact them today for your free assessment.

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