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Goal! Scoring the Perfect Birthday Party at Ole Soccer

Ole Soccer

Planning a birthday party can be stressful. Planning a party for twins is twice as hard since there are so many more friends to invite. Like most moms I ran through the list of things I wanted/needed for their party. It needed to be inside (can’t chance a bad weather day), it needed to be somewhere other than my home (I have no time for setting up, or better yet, cleaning up), and I needed to be able to host 25+ kids. Surprisingly a venue (that is reasonably priced) is very difficult to find in Fairfield County. Most places have packages for only 12 kids and then you need to pay individually for each additional child. With a twin party that quickly adds up.

Luckily as the co-owner of Fairfield County Moms Blog, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ole Soccer in Fairfield. For the past three years they have participated in our Summer Play Date Series. I also frequent their jungle gym with my kids on rainy weekends. So there was no question that this would be the perfect spot for my two little soccer players.

Booking the birthday party was super easy and I was given the option of how I wanted to use the allotted 90 minutes of party time. Since I wanted to keep things simple, I decided to just use the party room for cake, however you do have the option of serving pizza to your guests. That then allowed for 40 minutes on the indoor turf field, 30 minutes in their jungle gym play area, and 20 minutes to eat. I appreciate that they were so flexible and really took my needs into consideration. They also offered free invitations, but who really has time to address invites? So a quick evite was sent and I didn’t think about it again until the day of the party.

This party literally kicked off with a ton of soccer balls on Ole Soccer’s indoor turf arena. The kids got to run around this fully enclosed area with clear glass walls so parents can view from the outside on comfy chairs and benches. The Ole coaches gathered all the little soccer players together and went over a few basic rules. They made my birthday girl and birthday boy feel so special!Ole Soccer

Then the fun really started when they began practicing drills. Children were encouraged to use their imaginations and play like different animals (going slow like a turtle or fast like a lion) and they even pretended to be pirates going through different obstacles. The kids all had a blast following along. The most exciting part was when the kids were broken up into two teams and given blue or orange jerseys. They were so excited to play a “real” game of soccer. And who would have thought five-year-olds could sweat that much!?

Ole SoccerThe party continued on as we entered the most amazingly clean indoor jungle gym where children could climb, jump and slide through all of the equipment. Even better, parents could sit along the side with a great view of everything going on inside.

Ole SoccerThen it was time to cool off in their large party room for some cake. The only outside food permitted is the cake, so Costco was the way to go for a big crowd! Ole Soccer even provided soccer themed plates and utensils. Juice and water were given to re-hydrate the little ones. With twins, we ended up singing Happy Birthday two times, and everyone left happy and tired. And guess what? There was absolutely nothing for me to clean up. The entire staff was so helpful and kind. They really made the day extra special.

Ole SoccerMy goal for their birthday party was to have them run around, play with friends, and enjoy some treats! Thanks to Ole Soccer we scored big!

In addition to birthday parties, Ole Soccer provides technical coaching for all Fairfield united teams. They offer a wide range of training programs for even the youngest players – starting with their Ole Stars program for 2-year olds. You can also drop in any time to use their jungle gym. Open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Monday – Friday) and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Saturday – Sunday). Ole Soccer is super convenient for keeping everyone happy and entertained.

To learn more about Ole Soccer check out their website and visit them on Facebook.

This post is sponsored by Ole Soccer, but the opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

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