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You Were Right, It Did Get Better Than This

husbandAs June rolls around we turn our focus on to my husband. There are many events that he is the center of. His birthday is in June which typically gets celebrated at least three times, and of course Father’s Day is the week after. I find myself counting my blessings this month. I have found a wonderful man that I not only can call my husband, but also a partner in crime and teammate in our crazy life. 

My husband and I have been together for 10 years. We were babies when we met! No responsibilities (or very few) and we enjoyed our 20s to their fullest. I had just started a real full-time job after finishing my Master’s. He was still at SUNY Maritime. Fast forward to 2010, we got engaged and moved in together. In his proposal to me he used Brad Paisley’s song, “It Did.” The song is simply about starting a life together and promising that things will simply continue to get better as life goes on. 

Things definitely got better with wedding planning, a marriage and honeymoon. I had a partner in life beside me at every point. I thought I couldn’t be happier than we were at that point in our lives. Six months later when we bought a house and had somewhere to call home together, it got even better.  

I’m sure you can imagine how wonderful life has been since we’ve been blessed with two children. And yes, it did get better than before. From the beginning of our relationship there have been many more good times than bad. The reason is because my husband is such an amazing person to share a life with. From the first time he played “It Did” and insisted that it be our wedding song. In reality it has been much more than simply a wedding song. It has been the theme throughout our time together. 

My husband is also a wonderful father and I don’t tell him that enough. The first thing he wants to do when he gets home is to be knocked over at the door by our monsters. He thrives in their love and seeing their happiness in the littlest things. Our children are loved by their Daddy and they know it.

He is also a wonderful friend to have. I may be biased (since I am his best friend) but seeing him with groups of friends that have been around much longer than I have, they know he would do anything to be there. He is always putting himself behind the needs of his family, making sure we are taken care of. He works very hard in his career and works hard at home as well to make our home the best it can be. 

I am so thankful to have a whole month to celebrate and cherish this man. I am blessed to have him as a partner in life, a father to my children and a constant support in all I do. Thank you for being you!

As Brad Paisley says, “It doesn’t get better than this, but it did!”

What do you admire most about the father of your children?

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One Response to You Were Right, It Did Get Better Than This

  1. Kenny June 17, 2017 at 3:13 PM #

    Casey, you nailed it!! I have known Mike for 20 years. I cherish him and am proud that he calls me his brother. I was honored to stand beside him the day he married you and I never thought it could get better than that. But, it did!! Being an uncle to your children and Godfather to Maddie, have made my pride and love swell beyond limits. The moment I met you, and saw how Mike was with you, how he looked at you, I knew. I knew he found his one. You make him better. A better father, a better friend, a better husband, a better brother and a better man. All of us are lucky to have him in our lives, but he is the luckiest because he has you. The relationship you two have amazes me and someday I hope to have one just like it. Love you all. Happy Father’s Day Mike!

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