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Freeze Your Fat Away with CoolSculpting

As moms we all know that life completely changes when we have children – including our bodies. As hard as we try, some things will never be the same. So sometimes we need a little extra help. That’s why I was super excited when I had the chance to have a CoolSculpting treatment from Fairfield County Moms Blog sponsor, Jandali Plastic Surgery.

I had heard a lot about this “fat freezing” procedure and was very intrigued. I mean, if no anesthesia or liposuction is needed, and inches come off with a single treatment, sign me up! And guess what? The procedure did not disappoint. Here’s the scoop!

coolsculptingThe day of the procedure, I didn’t have to do anything special. I had scheduled it for 10:00 a.m., as they told me that I would need an hour for the procedure and a few minutes before and after to check in and out.

I arrived on time and only had to wait about five minutes while I signed an acknowledgement. Note: the acknowledgement does seem scary, but it’s pretty standard stuff! I was whisked into the room where the procedure would take place. My nurse, Rachel was so comforting, as she saw that I was a bit nervous. Because I was having the procedure on my lower abdomen, they gave me a nice pair of paper panties. Rachel took some photos and Dr. Jandali came in to mark off the area where the applicator would be placed. He was very warm and friendly, and told me what to expect during the procedure.

coolsculptingOnce I was hooked up to the machine, the initial sucking kind of takes your breath away. Rachel assured me that the uncomfortable cold feeling would go away after seven minutes and it totally did. I started to feel a little nervous before those seven minutes were up. Rachel brought me some juice and hooked me up to the Netflix so I could watch some of my favorite shows. After ten minutes, I was busy playing on my phone and really forgot all about it. Rachel left the room, but made me aware of the call button I could use if I needed anything. She also checked on me a few times to make sure I was doing okay.

By the time it was almost over, I was ready to be done. Once the suction is turned off, you have to massage out the frozen block of fat that your skin becomes. That felt a little weird, but because I was still numb, it didn’t hurt. I walked out the door basically numb in the area, but went and grabbed some lunch and all was good.

For a few days the area was puffy and a bit tender, but mostly still numb. Unfortunately, by day four, I had what only 10% of patients feel. I had some nerve pain as the frozen areas began to “wake up.”I called the office to let them know and they suggested icing the area. During that time, I had to frequently use an ice pack to ease the discomfort. It lasted for about two weeks and then went away. Then I started to see some real results! There was definitely a reduction in the area.

coolsculptingOverall, I would definitely do the procedure again, as the area looks significantly smaller and for no surgery, it was worth the two weeks of pain. Although most do not experience the pain, it’s good to know that you might be the lucky 10% like me!

Everyone at the office from the receptionist to Dr. Jandali was so friendly and welcoming. The office itself is immaculate and well kept. If you are curious about what areas you might do, check in with the team and they can definitely discuss whether or not you might be a candidate or what other options they have available. If you can pinch an inch, this just might be your next move!

To learn more about CoolSculpting and Jandali Plastic Surgery visit their website and follow them on Facebook an Instagram.

This post was sponsored by Jandali Plastic Surgery, but the opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.

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