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Fighting the Nighttime Snack Monster

shutterstock_219516925A friend told me that her mom gave her a 10 pm curfew when she was a teenager because “nothing good happens after 10 pm.”  When it comes to nighttime eating, that’s probably true.  So many of us plan healthy meals and snacks during the day, but once we’ve finally gotten the kids to sleep (ahhh), out comes the wine (anyone? sound familiar?), and a host of other snacks that we probably didn’t plan for as we decompress after a crazy day.  If good nutrition and weight management are priorities for you, it’s time to face the “nighttime snack monster” head on!

The good news is that research shows that meal timing isn’t as important as your overall intake, so if you’re at your kids evening soccer game and you don’t get to eat dinner until 8, that doesn’t mean automatic weight gain (Tip!  Since you are eating dinner late and may be ravenous, making it harder to have a sensible portion size, have a more substantial snack before you head off to the game and then a slightly smaller, fruit and vegetable heavy dinner).

That being said, it’s the post dinner,  “I have stuff to do” (i.e. I just want to veg and watch the DVR, it’s MY time) eating that we need to watch out for.  That’s when we tend to eat for reasons other than hunger and our choices tend to be calorie dense, low nutrient value, double/triple portion sizes (sleeve of Thin Mints anyone?).

shutterstock_119678074Here are a few things you can do to fight the monster.

1. Go to bed earlier. Most of us would benefit from going to sleep earlier.  Set a “ready for bed” alarm to remind yourself so that it isn’t suddenly midnight and you’ve eaten a bag of chips and are overtired.  Know that you cannot finish every task and that your shows will still be there another day.  Pick a few tasks or relaxing actions and then let it go and go to sleep (I know, this is so hard but so worth it!).

2. Make a food “only in the kitchen” rule. Just as you might tell your kids, “If you are hungry, let’s sit at the table to eat”, give yourself the same rule.

3. Ask yourself “If my kids asked for this, how much would I be comfortable with them having?” You wouldn’t want your kids to eat a whole box of cookies, would you?

4. Plan healthy evenings snacks you enjoy. When you feel like eating a snack first ask yourself, “Am I hungry?” and if so, choose from the fruit, yogurt, part skim string cheese, Kind Bar,  Larabar, Cliff Z -bar, other snacks you have planned.

5. If the nighttime snack monster attacks one night, be kind to yourself and choose a plan from #1-4 for the following night. Don’t let guilt derail your efforts and don’t call yourself “bad” for eating ice cream.

Some days, you might consciously choose to have a glass of wine, dessert, or other snack and that’s okay too! Enjoy it!

Has the nighttime snack monster come after you? How do you tame him?

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