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FCMB’s Top 10 Posts of 2016

top 10 postsHappy New Year! 2016 was another huge year for Fairfield County Moms Blog! As a collaborative blog written by and for local moms, our primary focus is delivering valuable content to YOU, our mommy readers. This year our contributors opened themselves up and poured out their hearts, sharing personal parenting experiences and perspectives, as well as fun and creative things to do around town. In partnership with local businesses we were able to connect you to valuable information, products and services that are relevant to your lives. Here is a list of our top 10 most viewed posts of 2016! Make sure to read the one’s you may have missed, reread the posts that you were able to connect with, and share the one’s you love!

Best-Baby-Gifts-FCMB1. The Best Baby Gifts (We Never Asked For) 

“A few years ago, like many (type A) first-time moms, I created a baby registry of carefully selected, must-have baby items. Our list was minimal compared to most, and we were fortunate to receive (or buy ourselves) everything. That being said, for both of our babies, we also received a lot of non-registry gifts. Most were clothes and blankets (seriously, so many!), some were returned/exchanged/donated, and a handful made this list of the best baby gifts we never asked for!”

It Can Happen to2. It Can Happen to You

“I just say this as a warning, because we all think it can’t happen to us. Because we live in a nice area, in a nice town, in a nice house, with things and stuff and whatnots. It can happen to you.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. My six figure job wasn’t supposed to go away, and we were not supposed to be living off a supplemental income. We were supposed to be getting a new boiler and upgraded plumbing and perhaps paying off my maternity leave.”

Fairfield County Moms Blog | How to Enjoy Maternity Leave3. How to Enjoy Maternity Leave

“Last time, I had dreams of a sparkling house, gourmet home cooked meals, and lots of relaxation – I clearly did not realize how much work and time it takes to take care of a tiny baby between feeding, diapering, wishing they would sleep, rocking to sleep, watching them sleep, worrying about why they aren’t waking up, and the list goes on. A lack of mom friends that could relate to me plus a severe case of cabin fever with a crying newborn would make anyone a little stir crazy, right?!”

Toddler-Sleep4. Calming Bedtime Rituals That Make Kids Sleepy

“It takes an hour and a half to put our two-year-old to bed. Why take advice from me, you wonder? The actual time I spend putting my daughter in her bed is only about 5 minutes. The hour and a half includes the entire wind-down process. We’ve found that the best toddler bedtime routine is one that incorporates calming activities. Here’s our routine from start to finish, which is the same every single night (more or less. We do have those occasional nights with visitors, are out of town, or out for dinner and home later).”

10 Things Sleep Deprived Parents Want You to Know5. Child Not Sleeping? 10 Things Sleep Deprived Parent’s Friends and Family Should Know

“Parents are bombarded daily with information about what to do and what not to do when it comes to their child’s sleep. For some parents, the pressure from pediatricians, family and friends to “fix” things becomes so intense that they end up lying about their child’s sleep just to avoid having to listen to everyone tell them what they’re doing wrong and what they should be doing instead. Here are 10 things that friends and family of sleep deprived parents should know.”

Things I Suck At Now That I'm a Mom...6. Things I Suck At Now That I’m a Mom….

“I love my role as Mommy. But the (former) plants in my house would beg to differ on this issue of love. I’ve never been one of those ladies who has it all under control, but pre-children I managed to keep up appearances. Post-children….it’s a whole new bag of hidden things I’m trying not to embarrass myself with.”


stacey97. Where to Find Better Clothes for Boys

“I’m pretty jealous of my mom friends who get to head to the girl’s sections of clothing stores because I find that boy’s stuff isn’t nearly as cute or well-rounded! Clothes for boys seem to be riddled with over-done, cliché themes (think: firetrucks, airplanes, dinosaurs, robots, etc.) I got really tired of seeing the same prints over and over again when shopping for my first son. I had to do a little (ok a lot) of digging to find cute clothes for boys that I didn’t roll my eyes at.”

kindergarten8. 5 Things They Did NOT Tell You At Kindergarten Orientation

“If this fall is your first foray into your kids going to school full time, take heart. It is a rite of passage. You did it, your mom did it, and people for the last significant amount of time have done it (Sorry – I am not a historian so I don’t want to put a definite time frame and have the history police on my tail). You will survive Kindergarten. So will your child. You will actually love a lot of it. Some of it will be hard. It’s a lot like life. So experience it. All of it.”

 D's newborn photo(Photo by Erica Fabrizio Photography)

9. An innocent question that can lead to a very hard answer

“At first I was hesitant to disclose his death to the innocent strangers that asked, but it didn’t feel right not to mention him. He will always be my son and he was what my world revolved around. How could I not acknowledge him? So I made a resolve that no matter who asks I will always say I have 2 children (and now after the birth of my twins – 4) and mention him. I know it makes people uncomfortable or sad when I say that he has passed and I apologize, as I know it’s unexpected.”

what-does-pta-stand-for10. A PSA On Why I Joined The PTA

“I have a confession: I’m on the PTA. But it’s not what you think. It’s cool. Why does the PTA get such a bad rap? Thanks, Bad Moms, but we’re actually not baking gluten-free, fun-free food for the bake sale. In case you haven’t heard, there aren’t bake sales at school anymore. I’m not in control of who starts on the soccer team either. But maybe things change in High School. I can’t speak for that PTA. What I can tell you is that I joined the PTA and I actually enjoy it.”

Thank you for following along with us, and make sure to stay tuned for what we have in store for 2017! What topics would you love to read this upcoming year? Comment below!

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