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Fashion is Fickle and the Other Beauty Realities of This Mom’s Life

Many of my fellow bloggers have posts about the latest fashions, seasonal accessories and beauty trends.  They are all spot on and look fabulous all the time. This is not a post to dis them. It’s a post for all of those moms who do as I do – move on to the next post because we have no interest. Call me Mrs. Anti-fashion if you have to.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t get up everyday and put on a garbage bag with hair I haven’t washed in days. Glamour, or anything associated with it, is not me. I care what I look like, but comfort and ease are my staples for everyday life.

I wear the same t-shirt in a variety of colors in the summer. I have hoodies in every light/heaviness to cover slightly chilly to single digit weather in the winter. I have a few pairs of heels from pre-child, but really they just take up space in the closet. I wear tennis shoes in the summer and varying (not trendy) boots the rest of the year. I’m more worried about wet socks than if they match my outfit. Scarves are for cold weather only. Jewelry looks great on other people. It’s all too much work.

Makeup is reserved for weddings, funerals, and large events that involve people who don’t know me enough to laugh at the fact I’m wearing blush. A friend once blindly asked where she could get her eyebrows done. I told her to have a good look at me. My brows are so light that half of the year it almost seems like I have none. Eyelashes? If it’s occasion to wear mascara, it’s probably an event that will involve tears, so that’s a no-go. Lipstick? That’s just crazy talk.

I have neither skill with hair, nor the patience to gain any. I blow it dry until it looks good to me and then I’m done. Adding product is for fancy people. My only caveat here is that I have been coloring my hair for almost 20 years – at first to annoy my mom, and now to cover up what is probably at least a half-full head of grey hair. I’m old, but not old enough to deal with that – that’s a psychological game I’m not ready to play.

I used to put great thought into fashion while in my 20s and even early 30s. I added a few pieces each season to keep up with those ever-changing trends. I even had a complicated makeup routine! But as I grew older all of that happened less and less, and now not much at all. Now my fashion sense is way more about my daughter’s clothes than mine. My closet channels more of a wow, how comfy feel than anything that’s in-style.

I do admit that I recently bought a pair of Chuck Taylor knockoffs to try to look what I consider to be cool. I was invited to my 20th college reunion (I’m pretty sure the rest of my class is pretending it’s 20 because I certainly can’t be that old), and I felt I needed to, I don’t know, feel young again. The only problem? I IMMEDIATELY remember why I stopped wearing those good-for-nothing, no-arch support, back-wrecking, blister makers. I may no longer be young, but I am wiser. Thank the lord for the invention of gel inserts!

I would rather watch other people take the time to figure out how things look on them than think about myself. I know what I like, and I’m happy to stick with it for the long-haul. It’s fine that my personal style is enough for me.

How do you feel about fashion and the latest trends? Are you a trend-setter, a whatever is currently popular, or stick with your own style kind of person?

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