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Don’t forget to take a family photo

family photoI was so excited for my daughter to start a 2s preschool program this year knowing she would absolutely love it. I remember getting all the paperwork and instructions. Every form was filled out diligently and her extra set of clothes were packed. However, there was one request that made me pause. It really got to me even though it wasn’t irrational or inappropriate. It was a request for a family photo.

My son and daughter had been together for 16 months before he passed away. We only had one picture together from her newborn session. This was devastating to me, how could we only have one family picture of the four of us?  

I ended up making a collage with a picture of each of us in it. Her teachers redid it so it would fit on her name tag, which was how she’d learn where to put her backpack and coat. Two years later it is hanging in our kitchen and her baby sisters look at it everyday as well.

The collage that the preschool teachers made for my daughter.

There are several recent articles telling moms to “get in the picture” like this one. We absolutely should make the effort to get in some shots with the kids. Also, realize how important it is to get group pictures of your family, immediate and extended.  

I bring up extended family also because you may not see them all the time. Take advantage of the times you do see them. My uncle had recently come up from North Carolina this summer and we had a family celebration and got some great group pictures. Unfortunately, he passed away a few weeks ago. I’m so glad we got to celebrate with him and document his happiness by being surrounded by those he loved.  

For my immediate family, I have decided each fall we are going to have a family picture, hopefully we’ll use them for holiday cards as well. I want to document our children growing older and how we’ll all change and age for better or worse. My son’s picture will always be included in our family pictures, although he will forever be the same. 

You may want to get professional photos taken by many of our talented local photographers in order to capture your season of life. Or you can ask a friend to take a few pictures for you. Please don’t regret never getting in the picture with your family. It may take some effort to get a good shot, but it will be totally worth it.

Are you in any family photos? Comment below!

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2 Responses to Don’t forget to take a family photo

  1. Kyle Ann McCarthy October 4, 2017 at 8:17 AM #

    Your loss is raw and real, and reminds you daily of how life is a gift. We have to remember to be a part of the pictures, regardless of how we look at that moment, because today is so special. Thanks for reminding us to be so mindful.

    • caroline
      caroline October 9, 2017 at 2:48 PM #

      You’re very welcome and thank you, it’s so true!

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