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Everything I needed to learn about motherhood I learned from my (sorority) sisters

Call me a child of the 80s subjected to one too many Sweet Valley High books or some other Made for TV Special, but as a kid, I always wanted to be part of a sorority. When I arrived on my college campus, I made a beeline to the Student Life building to learn about Greek Life.

I rushed second semester and never looked back. Sisterhood made my college experience complete. It satisfied a need for a sister, tenfold. (I love my younger brother dearly, but I missed out on a lot of girl talk as a teen). By the time I graduated, I lived three semesters in my sorority house, which turned out to be a perfect crash course for motherhood.

Lessons from Sorority Living

  • Somebody’s always trying to get in your bed. It’s a slumber party/bedsharing party every night.
  • There’s never any water in the Britta.
  • A half-naked person is always shouting at you.
  • Entertainment always seems to involve singing and clapping, with a side of arts and crafts. Oh the glitter.
  • The sink is always full of dirty dishes.
  • You have to schedule your shower and laundry time.
  • When you finally make it to the bathroom, inevitably someone is banging on the door to get in.
  • You spend a fortune on groceries, yet the fridge is always empty.
  • You never get to be alone.
  • Toddlers are really mini drunk adults.
  • The chore board was really command center 1.0.

As crowded, loud, and unpredictable as living in my sorority house was, I’d go back in a heartbeat…and this time, I’d be ready, with my baby wipes.

Were you in a sorority? Do you have anything to add?

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