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Family Fun Day: Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom

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Recently, I had the opportunity to check out Allentown, PA’s Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. Being a PA-girl myself, I was excited to experience all that the park has to offer.

Family Fun Day at Dorney Park

Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom is only a short two-and-a-half hour drive from Fairfield County. It’s an amusement and water park offering fun for all ages. My kiddos are still on the young side at five and three, so we spent most of our day in Planet Snoopy. But, if you are looking for roller coasters and thrill rides, the park doesn’t disappoint!

Tips for Families of Small Children

If you’re considering a trip to the park, I suggest packing light and arriving early. The good news is, the check-in process is pretty quick, and then you are off to the races (oops, I mean rides)!

Travel: Arrive early. While the park opens at 10:00 a.m., there were lines by the time we got there (9:30 a.m.). Added bonus of arriving early, you miss all the Merritt-287 traffic!

Packing: Pack light. While we brought our double-travel-stroller, you can rent one at the park. Other than that we didn’t bring much else, just one bag with a change of clothes. Either wear your swim gear, or swap into it if you hit the water park. Storage lockers are available on-site. Food and drinks are available at the park as well. Snack huts open at 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. for meals. Bring a few treats to keep the kiddos happy until the food shops open. 

Getting Around: Navigating the park was surprisingly easy. Planet Snoopy is conveniently located just off the main entrance, in its own little world. There is plenty of room to get around with strollers and large areas to park at each ride.

Nothing like a carousel ride!
Planet Snoopy!
Family Fun
Pack Light!

I cannot rave enough about Planet Snoopy. Most rides are appropriate for guests 42″ tall and above to ride alone, which is perfect for my independent kindergartner to be. And her brother, whom I feared would be left out, was able to ride, too! Children below 42″ can ride accompanied by an adult, and let me tell you, these kids had a blast! With fifteen rides, you can spend the day in Planet Snoopy, alone! 

Wildwater Kingdom

Since there was an abrupt change in the weather (read: the sky opened up into a full on downpour), we missed out on all of the fun of the water park. And to be honest, the nearly four hours spent at Planet Snoopy was the perfect amount of time for the little ones. By two o’clock, they had wrapped up lunch and were ready to curl up for a nap. 

The water park is to the right of the park entrance, and it is included in the standard park fee. If you are planning to head to the park, you may want to consider renting a cabana for the day, especially if you have little ones. You can can conveniently book one online ahead of time. Attractions range from serpentine water slides, to wave pools, to a lazy river. A special “Kids Cove” is for guests under 54″ tall, so your little ones can safely enjoy the water.

Thrill Rides and Coasters

Unfortunately, our trip was cut short due to the weather, but I look forward to our next trip to test the fear factor of the thrill rides and each of the seven coasters! 

Check it Out!

Bottom line, if you have a free Saturday and are up for a short drive, I recommend checking out all that the park has to offer. There truly is fun for the entire family! Plus, where else can you get a loaded funnel cake on your way out?! 
Dorney Park

To learn more about Dorney Park and Wild Water Kingdom visit their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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