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The Mom Christmas List: 10 Things I Need to Tell Myself This Holiday Season

Christmas ListI used to love Christmas. Actually, I still do, but with a child in the thick of presents and Santa and all that goes with it, plus a husband that is way more Bah Humbug than Merry anything, it’s all on me. Christmas has become overly stressful and a time consuming headache. I need help!

Rather than continue to complain and/or hide in a cave for the next few weeks, I decided I would write myself a list of positive things to remember. At least I can look at it when I feel like giving up. Or throw a dart at it. Whichever. Anything’s possible.

I suppose many of you can use this holiday pep-talk, too, so here it is:

1. She is only this little once, and for as much of a pain in the you-know-where it is to make it special, it will mean a lot in the future. She will pass it on to her family just as you are passing bits of your childhood on to her.

2. You do not need to make everything from scratch. Stores sell decorations for non-crafty people and crafty people alike. You’ll probably save a lot of money, too.

3. Family is important even if some spend their time tossing out passive-aggressive comments and backhanded insults. You can suck it up just like you always do.

4. Friends make the best family, and yours are truly the best. The very best.

5. Stop with the toys.

6. It’s okay to not want to host the big dinner. You don’t like to cook, and you’re not very good at it. If you do get roped into it, buy the dang ham cooked and ready to go – with all the fixings.

7. Do something for someone else other than buying them a gift. She is watching, so teach her to be generous with her time.

8. It’s actually time to put away the Halloween decorations and swap with the current holiday’s. Going public is your motivation.

9. Start a new tradition. It’s a great reason to have to go on Pintrest!

10. Stop with the toys. Seriously, stop.

If you were making a reminder list year for yourself, what would you put on it?

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