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Yes, my hands are full…

Having twins invites many people to make many comments, but what I’ve come to notice is that most of the comments are the same.  They come from a good place, but mostly about how busy I am and how I must have my hands full. Why, yes! Yes I do. I’m also extremely fortunate to have several extra sets of hands.

My biggest “helper” when he is around is my husband. He’ll let me sleep in and sometimes even takes the kids for the day to his parent’s so I can have some alone time. He will go out of his way when I need the space and time for myself.  

child care

Twins are just starting to walk and play with each other.

My parents moved close to us after my son got sick and have been a great help ever since. They are very flexible and can come for short or long periods of time when I need them. My in-laws also help out, although they live a little bit farther away, but they can help us when we need to travel.

When I was pregnant with my older daughter I knew I would need help with caring for big brother and my new baby. When I was six months pregnant we were lucky as our first babysitter became a part of our family. We’ve watched her become an adult and are so grateful for her love of our children.  She did get a “real” job and since then some amazing young women have come into our home. They have provided a great support to our family. One of our neighbor’s started as a mother’s helper which was incredibly helpful during my twin pregnancy to help keep my older daughter entertained for a few hours.

All of my helpers give me much needed relief mentally and physically. I am able to do errands, take my older daughter to her activities, have a date night, or have some alone time because of them. Again, I know this not available for everyone and I am very fortunate to have all this help.  

There are some babysitting cooperative instructions out there as well (here and here) which are budget friendly. And neighbors and friends are great resources when you are really in a bind. I am always willing to help out anyone in need as well because I know what a relief it is. Please don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Even a small amount of time maybe very helpful to you.

Thank you to all my of my helpers whose extra hands make for lighter work, I appreciate you more than you may know.  

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