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family vacation as an extreme sport

Vacation Parenting – An Extreme Sport

Ahhhhh, vacation. Just the word makes me want to relax. Some of my best memories as a kid are vacations at my grandparents’ house in Florida and weekends in the Catskills. You get to put your “regular life” aside and have some fun adventures and see new places. As I got older, vacations evolved. In […]

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Disney on a budget.

Doing Disney on a Budget

Is it really possible to do Disney on a budget? If you plan your trip in advance and follow some of these money-saving tips, then it is absolutely possible. I lived in Florida all of my life before moving to Connecticut, and because of the close proximity, we were annual pass holders. Our family visited […]

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fear of flying

Overcoming My Fear of Flying

“Think of all the planes that take off and land each day.” “Flying is the safest way to travel.” “Turbulence is nothing more than a bump in the road.” These are just a few things friends and family have said to me over the years when I tell them about my fear of flying. While […]

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travel 50 states

The 50 State Challenge

Our family is on a quest to visit all 50 states before the kids reach high school. Why did we start this crazy bucket list? It was all because of a gift… You see, before our kids were born, my husband and I traveled every chance we could. I had only been to a few […]

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