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The Kindermoon Trend

We already have the honeymoon and the babymoon, but now the Kindermoon? Last year as part of a marketing plan to increase customer engagement, Disney founded the idea of the Kindermoon vacation. If you are a regular Disney Junior watcher, which is basically the only thing on the television in a house with a 3 […]

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Oh, the Exotic Places You Can Go {tips for traveling with kids abroad}

Before I was married, I rarely traveled. The first time I went on a plane, I was 21! Going to Argentina for my honeymoon and traveling to Paris twice while I was in college, gave me the travel bug and introduced me to the joy of exploring.  But, traveling the world doesn’t always work out with […]

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Ready for a Road Trip

As the holidays and school breaks near, are you planning any road trips? This past summer, I made a handful of 2-5 hour drives, always with my children, and only sometimes with my husband’s help. There were lessons to be learned, but now that I know what works best for us, traveling via car is […]

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