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The Ultimate Guide to Winter

The frigid temperatures have proven that winter is officially here! The holidays are well behind us, and moms everywhere are looking for ways to beat cabin fever. Battling snow days, runny noses, and bored kiddos is never easy! But don’t worry, Fairfield County Moms Blog has got you covered. Here is the ultimate guide to [...]
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holiday toy purge

The Post-Holiday Purge

There is a lawless, anarchic time that immediately follows the holidays. After a year of abiding by the rules of order, there is a fringe group, typically living on the outskirts of civilized society, waiting for their chance to show who they really are: Parents Who Detest Clutter. It only happens once the tinsel has […]

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My Oatmeal-Filled Day

Did you know that there is such a thing as National Oatmeal Day? Guess what? I didn’t either, however, upon discovering this I went on an oat-filled adventure. This may not be the official National Oatmeal Day but I will pay tribute to the day today! Before we get into my delicious day, here is […]

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potty training

Tis the Season…To Potty Train

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to potty train your child. My children all have birthdays later in the year (December 2014 and October 2016) and were two years old and showing interest in the toilet before the holiday season. Santa Claus himself was crucial to our potty training success. He very thoughtfully left […]

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Low Impact Ways to Brew Coffee

I Love Coffee. The End. From the smell to the taste it brings me comfort. There is a Jamaican folk song, “Me no drink coffee tea mango time, care how nice it may be mango time.” (Did you try to read that with an accent?) Totally not relevant but it popped in my head and […]

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holiday decor

Holiday Decor: How to Turn Your House into a Winter Wonderland without Breaking the Bank

Thanksgiving may not be over, but that doesn’t stop me from planning this year’s Holiday Décor. Since having kids, my holiday spirit has been ratcheted up to a new level! Each year, I scour Instagram for inspiration on how to makeover our space. I’ll spend the weekend after Thanksgiving transforming our home into a winter […]

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