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second baby

I Never Knew I Needed You

To my second daughter, I never knew I needed you. Funny how the things we need most in life are apt to be things we don’t even realize we need. You see, your sister was well thought out, dreamed about, meticulously planned. From the nursery, name, clothes, toys, baby gear, no ‘i’ was left undotted […]

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Re-Loving the Name Mom

Remember the first time you were called “Mom?” It sounded so weird, right? Kind of like the first time you were introduced by your significant other as “my wife.” It took some getting used to. And wasn’t it even more exciting, and even a little disorienting, the first time your baby started calling out for […]

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dear first-year teacher

Notes for a First-Year Teacher

Dear first-year teacher, Welcome to the profession. I know it’s been a few weeks since you officially started, but I was too busy getting my kids (and myself) ready for the school year to get this post finished sooner. During this whirlwind, I saw you setting up. You turned the key in your new classroom […]

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Who were you?

Who Were You Mama?

Who were you mama? Before. Before you cleaned noses and made dinners and fixed boo boos? Who are you in addition to being mama? I am currently a psychotherapist and a wife and a mother, but I’m also a friend. I’ve always loved theater and music. I used to study those things. I was a […]

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