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The Elephant in Our Family

We are “one big happy family” full of divorced, and sometimes re-married, grandparents, aunts and uncles. For the past few years, my daughter has required no explanation. She has innocently assumed that everyone always gets along, because when our extended families come together, we will all just get along. As her mother, of course I’d […]

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more than I should

Identity Crisis: I’m More Than a SAHM

I’m sitting at the doctor’s office updating my daughter’s medical forms. The general information seems easy enough until I get to the parental information section. “Mother’s Name, DOB, occupation…” As a mother, how do you define yourself? When you meet someone new, do you have more to say than “I work as a mom”? I’ve […]

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Comparing and Despairing

Comparing and Despairing

One of my favorite yoga teachers used to say, “Don’t compare and despair. There will always be people better and worse than you.” Of course, this wonderful age-old adage is easier said than done. Not only are we constantly bombarded by advertisements preying on our insecurities, but recent studies show that social media sites actually […]

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