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The Year of Magical Hormones

I am scheduled for a c-section to have my rainbow baby. I honestly could never have predicted what it would take to get here, or how many curveballs would be thrown my way on my two and a half year journey to complete my family.  My husband and I struggled with what we now know […]

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It can happen to you.

It Can Happen to You

I just say this as a warning, because we all think it can’t happen to us. Because we live in a nice area, in a nice town, in a nice house, with things and stuff and whatnots. It can happen to you. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. My six figure job wasn’t supposed […]

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Hate is a bad word.

HATE is a Naughty Word

“Mommy, Miles said HATE!” I hear my daughter call from the other room. In typical twin form, my 4-years-olds love to tattle on one another. We have a running list of “naughty” words in our house that my kids know not to say. On that list, you have your big hitters…the S-word and the F-word, […]

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