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Do You Love Great Food?

Nutritionists don’t just eat salad; they love great food!  And thus I was very excited to have the opportunity to attend a recent Dishcrawl event, where we visited 3 popular restaurants and tried delicious chef specialties at each one.   Fairfield County Mom’s Blog has partnered with Dishcrawl for a fantastic Mommy Foodie Fair event on May 7th  (details […]

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Shopper 16

{Sponsored} Just Between Friends

Turn your bargain shopping habit into a business with Just Between Friends Franchise!  The Today Show calls it “the hottest ticket in town” and they want to come to Fairfield! Do you have a passion for great deals? Like a “never-ever-ever-pay-full-price, up-at-2am-fighting-for-that-black-Friday-steal, ‘Extreme Couponing’” kind of passion? Here is a chance to turn that passion […]

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keep calm

Benadryl, check. Epi pen, check. #Allergymom4Life

  As a mom of a child with multiple food allergies (dairy/eggs/nuts/sesame (concentrated) and shrimp), this is my life whenever we leave the house. It wasn’t always this way…just since he turned about 6 months old. I feel ‘lucky’ because the worse my son has had as a reaction is terrible (like scratching to bleed […]

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Is Your Child Ready for a Ride in the Dentist Chair?

My son is approaching his 2nd birthday and I’ve been hearing from a lot of moms about issues with their kids teeth.  “Those baby teeth don’t fall out for a LONG time, so you need to take care of them!” my friend wisely advised.  At my own dentist appointment last week with my favorite dentist […]

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Turn Your Talent into a Business

Are you really good at something that others admire? Maybe you can create beautiful displays of things in friends’ bookcases. Or you are a wiz at training puppies. Are you good at keeping books and paying bills? Or can you create fantastic photo books? Something that you excel in may be someone else’s nightmare. What […]

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