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holiday toy purge

The Post-Holiday Purge

There is a lawless, anarchic time that immediately follows the holidays. After a year of abiding by the rules of order, there is a fringe group, typically living on the outskirts of civilized society, waiting for their chance to show who they really are: Parents Who Detest Clutter. It only happens once the tinsel has […]

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New Year's Resolutions

10 Easy Parenting Resolutions

To be honest, I have never truly stuck to a New Year’s resolution. And how many people can actually say they have? Resolutions are easy to break but the one benefit of creating a resolution is that it allows us to reflect. What can I do better? Make better? Be better at? How have I […]

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FC Moms Blog Unplugged

All of us at Fairfield County Moms Blog want to wish each one of our loyal readers a very Happy Holiday and even Happier New Year! Although this time of year is incredibly busy, please take the time to enjoy the little moments with your families. AND don’t forget to take some time for YOU […]

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holiday spirit

When the Holidays Don’t Feel Magical

I’ve had holiday music going since November, trying to instill the magic of the holiday spirit in my girls. However, as we close in on the “Big Day,” something seems to be missing this year.  Perhaps, it’s the fact that my dad isn’t here. This marks the tenth Christmas without him. How I miss his quirky […]

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combo gifts

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

Anyone ever share a birthday with a holiday? If you do, then you know exactly what the term combo gifts mean, and if you were like me, then you despise them!  I was born on December 23, so combo gifts were something I grew accustomed to. It was always, “here is your present… Happy Birthday […]

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potty training

Tis the Season…To Potty Train

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to potty train your child. My children all have birthdays later in the year (December 2014 and October 2016) and were two years old and showing interest in the toilet before the holiday season. Santa Claus himself was crucial to our potty training success. He very thoughtfully left […]

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Christmas cookies

Four Favorite Cookie Recipes

Our holidays wouldn’t be the same without freshly baked cookies! Honestly, my family and I love these four cookie recipes so much that I often end up baking them throughout the year. Frosted* Sugar Cookies aka The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies from All Recipes Ingredients: 1 ½ cups butter, softened 2 cups white sugar 4 […]

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Telling the truth about Santa

To Santa or Not to Santa

Recently on a friend’s bachelorette weekend, the discussion of kids and make-believe holiday characters came up (i.e. Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny). A friend of the bride chimed into the conversation and told us that she has always told her kids that these characters aren’t real. According to this mom (among a […]

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