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Earth Day

Don’t Forget About Earth Day

There’s no denying that we have many extra burdens to carry these days. COVID-19. Social distancing. Your entire 401(k) plummeting towards zero. But while we’re figuring out how to work from home while guiding our children through the ups and downs of distance learning, we shouldn’t lose sight of climate change and other environmental threats. Just […]

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social distancing

Social Distancing Survival Guide

During these unprecedented times, remember that we are all in this together. As always, Fairfield County Moms Blog is here to support our fellow moms. Whether you have questions about COVID-19, are looking for perspective, or desperately need another activity idea, we hope that this "Social Distancing Survival Guide" helps make your quarantine life a [...]
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quarantine self-care

Quarantine Self-Care

How’s everyone doing out there? Personally, I’m struggling. As a true self-proclaimed extrovert, not seeing friends or family has been rough. Canceling my twin’s birthday parties, upcoming vacations, school events, social events with friends, even playdates absolutely destroys me. Though we are finally settling into a bit of routine, the days are long. As it […]

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grieving self-quarantine

Grieving My Self-Quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many of us to suffer a loss in some form. It has affected our mental and physical health. It has made us completely change our lives, careers, and daily routines overnight. With every loss comes grief and recovery. Time spent with our families is a beautiful benefit of this loss, […]

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postpartum self-care

Postpartum Self-Care Survival Guide

Recently in the media, there has been more “real talk” about postpartum recovery and what to expect after the baby makes his/her exit. Whether via c-section or vaginal delivery, a mother’s body can be somewhat worn out post-birth. I had two c-sections followed by vaginal delivery, and I felt fairly unprepared postpartum with both modes […]

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Need a Colonoscopy? Some Tips from a Busy Mama

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.   I turned 38 earlier this month. Sometime soon (when quarantine ends), I’ll be having my 3rd colonoscopy. Most women don’t need to start getting them until they’re 50. And if everything’s normal, they won’t need another until they’re 60. My normal, however, involves one every three years.  My […]

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