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postpartum self-care

Postpartum Self-Care Survival Guide

Recently in the media, there has been more “real talk” about postpartum recovery and what to expect after the baby makes his/her exit. Whether via c-section or vaginal delivery, a mother’s body can be somewhat worn out post-birth. I had two c-sections followed by vaginal delivery, and I felt fairly unprepared postpartum with both modes […]

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Need a Colonoscopy? Some Tips from a Busy Mama

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.   I turned 38 earlier this month. Sometime soon (when quarantine ends), I’ll be having my 3rd colonoscopy. Most women don’t need to start getting them until they’re 50. And if everything’s normal, they won’t need another until they’re 60. My normal, however, involves one every three years.  My […]

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The Daycare Sickness Battle

We are struggling.  There is no simpler way to put it. Why? My kids are sick constantly. I am not talking once a month. I am talking every single week, and we are just about at our breaking point. My husband and I work full-time, and we are lucky enough to have our moms help […]

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rock bottom

The Rock Bottom of Modern Day Motherhood

These days, more than ever before, we hear about the challenges of motherhood. And with good reason. There’s a seemingly endless list of obstacles that moms face in raising their kids today while simultaneously juggling careers, managing households, caring for spouses, and the (often invisible) list goes on.  The “village” is as elusive as ever. Current […]

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vision board

My Year of 20/20 Vision (Boards)

As a child of the 80s, one of my favorite pastimes was making collages. I would make them of my favorite bands, TV shows, places I wanted to visit, basically anything. They adorned my walls and my notebooks, and truth be told, I still have a few from my college years.  In December, I had […]

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heart health

Love Your Heart

I recently had my 300th class at a local cycling studio. A majority of those classes have been over the past two years. I love going to these classes, but my anxiety would always leave me little edgy. Last year, I wanted to make sure my heart was in good shape to keep up with […]

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